weekly reflection for oct 21 – oct 26

Hi everyone! It has been 2 weeks since my last weekly reflection. And there was a lot of exciting thing that happened this week.This week we had our first PE class with Mr. Walt. we played Mat ball; I thought it was really fun.

This was the first time I ever played Mat ball and i found it similar to baseball. In Mat ball, we basically have to get into a team of 5, and we pass the ball two of more passes and we try to score. In order to score, you have to pass the ball to your teammate in the goal on the other side of the pitch. I basically used my baseball mechanics in map ball and it turned out to be really well.

When I was playing the game I really enjoyed it because in the game Mat ball, everyone had a chance to do something. And i liked running to a open space and throwing the ball. But the most satisfying thing was when I makes a good play and my teammates  are happy.

During the second map ball game, we lost by 6 point. Our opponent was really strong. They were making short passes so it will harder to cut of and they were all moving around to empty spot. Maybe next time we can do the same thing they did.

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