Caged Home Activity

E-Folio Reflection #1 :

Name: Arthur                                            Date: Friday, Oct 5, 2018


This week I am going to talk about the game we played to learn more about caged homes. We went outside and we were given masking tape, measuring tape calculator. Using these materials we had to measure out a caged home on the field to see how big a caged home really is.


Before I started on this caged-home subject I thought a subdivided flat is really small. But the caged home is actually 80 square foot big, the photos I saw on the internet subdivided flats are just about 2 tables big. I first thought that the caged homes were a lot bigger, but after making them I realize how small 80 square foot is.


When we first started this project, we found out, one foot is actually 30.48 cm. And a caged-home is 80 feet that would make the room pretty big. All five of our group members can fit in the room. But later on we considered about how much space the furniture might take, there are only around 2 square meters of living space.


When we were taping the perimeter of our caged home, we ran out of tape without even finishing how the first side. Stop we were stuck there because we don’t have enough tape to finish circling the perimeter of the caged home.

But the team next to as found a solution, they only taped the corners of the caged home and that would save a lot of tapes to complete the cage!


We did well on this project because we finished our project with some help from another but we did give in! There is still so much thing that we could improve on this project. Like one of the other team actually had time to mark where all the furniture is in the caged home. And maybe next time we should try to do all the works be ourselves.

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