How science can cause and solve environmental problems

Give an brief description of an oil spill and how it can be cleaned up using science.

Oil spills can be solved by different kinds of methods. One of the methods I have researched about are oil booms. Oil booms help solving oil spills because it is one of the easiest ways to. Oil booms contain the oil by using the density of oil. Since oil have less density, they get to float on water. The oil booms are also floatable devices that surround the oil from spreading. This is not a method that removes the oil itself, and it needs people who clean up the oil that is being contained by the booms.

Is science good for humanity? Do the benefits of scientific discovery outweigh the problems it causes?

Science is good for humanity in some way because humanity needs science to survive. For example, medication is needed for people who have diseases, and they can help them survive. Science also helped ‘engineering’ become a thing, so now we can use machines and vehicles to live a much easier life. Without science, we are almost not able to do anything, but live like primitive people. We would not have developing technology, which causes us to not develop. Even though science sometimes hurts people, it may be worth it.

Scientific discoveries can outweigh the problems it causes, but depending on how big the problem is. Generally, science has caused pollution, which is now massively hard to solve. Plastic is a very useful material and can be used for almost everything, but also it causes massive pollution. Therefore it is hard to say that all of the scientific discoveries can outweigh the problems it causes.

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