Music Criteria Assignment

Hopes and Liquorice

I used 4 sounds from school: Scissors, Zipper, Mr.Lee saying “8E needs more liquorice”, and a part of a drum. Sorry for making it a little bad 🙁

Describe the process of this assignment:
The assignment was kind of new for me. I have tried making music with an app called Medly with my phone, so it helped me finish the assignment much easier. Choosing the sounds from CDNIS was quite difficult, but after finding them and distorting them, they helped the song get better. I tried my best to make the loops fit with the song, so I pitched them a bit. In my opinion, my final product was good, and I think it was a good experience to learn more about music.
Discuss your CDNIS sounds and how useful they were for your end product:
Two of the sounds, scissors and a metal bar of a drum, were good sounds for additional drums, and the distorted voice of Mr. Lee gave the song a little bit of dubstep effects. A sound of a zipper also kind of made a rising/sweeping sound. These sounds definitely helped me make my product better.
Evaluate your learning and new skills acquired:
I learned something new, which is how to distort sounds and make them interesting. Distortion was not an option in Medly, so it was completely new for me, and I think it helped me understand the concept of distortion.
What challenges did you face and overcome:
Since I did not use Garage Band before, it was a bit hard to control the things, but  with my experience making music helped me a bit. Also I did not know how to distort sounds, but my friends helped me understand how to use them, so now I know all the basics of changing the sounds.

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