What did I try hard this week at?

This week has been a week with lots of up’s and downs, and I will mostly focus on working with Jordan quietly on math and beating our own badminton record.

Jordan and I were quietly working on our math and we nearly completed them all, it was very fun and we try as hard as we could to do the five different topics differently that were mostly related to find the Number Patterns. We worked as hard as we could to complete them all. We would work together on some of the topics and the rest of them we would work individually whilst listening to music, and I really enjoyed doing it

In P.E we are still learning how to play badminton properly, one of our activities is Team Rotation. In team rotation every we would have to hit the shuttlecock once and then the next person would hit it. Me, Declan, James and Trevis were all in the same group,  we were able to take turns to hit the shuttlecock up to forty-five times. I really enjoyed doing this activity because at my old school our P.E class was a lot stricter. We were trying as hard as we could to beat our old record which was thirty-six. At last, we succeeded! YAH!

This week was a great week, I enjoyed it a lot and now I am finally part of the CDNIS community.


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