Awesome Week 3

I have now become a true CDNIS student. I am doing everything like a CDNIS student, this week we did a lot of stuff including: VA, PE, Language and math.

In VA we where finishing off our cool roman bubble letters that we are designing for our front cover off our sketch book, the Visual Arts teacher said that I am very good at it so it made me feel very good. I enjoy Visual Arts sometimes.

In PE we are still learning badminton and we are playing a lot of games in the badminton unit including king of the court and doubles game, in my group we have James Trevis Declan and we where all playing the king of the court and all of us had an even amount of king time and playing it was very fun and enjoyable.

In home room we are learning about how to right a good reflection. We are doing a lot of different activities.

Finally, in math we are learning about number patterns, we are using the white boards and Ms. B is giving us topics and we have to try and solve them, it is very fun, and I think we should do it more often.



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