Ukulele Submission – Step 3 – Finished Song – Donkey Riding

What is the key of your tune? Time Signature? *
1. F major 2. 2/4
What sort of rhythms are used in your song? How were they used musically? *
Donkey riding starts with a F on the first bar of the first beat. The first bar goes F, G, A, A. The rhythm mostly has quarter notes with it in the song. And the whole song repeats itself twice, it ends at 13 then you copy and past it until 33.
Discuss your note accuracy and rhythm accuracy in regards to inputting the strumming and melodic playing… *
In Donkey Riding there are many different notes and there is a wide range. When I turned the metronome on the chords and my audio would be in a time and that was good. But i found it difficult to match the singing with the rest of the song. At the very start of the song it was hard for me to start on the right speed and on the right note so I had to record a coupe times to make sure that my singing was on time with the rest of the song.
How did you decide your tempo to match your song and style? Did the context of the song change because of this? *
My tempo was at 105 which is quite fast, the song Donkey Riding is also quite fast. Mr.O’toole also provided us with the chords which made it easier for me to match the tempo. I thought that the tempo fitted with my song quite perfectly.
What skills did you acquire with your use of Garageband? Trimming, Cutting, pasting, metronome, etc… How did you use these skills throughout the assignment? *
In the process of using Garageband I learned many different skills which I never knew before. During this process I mostly copied and pasted, trimmed some of my notes and singing and different patterns. I also used the volume changer on the side, this I think was very helpful as I was able to find the perfect match for my different parts of the song. At the start my drums where very overpowered and they where loud so I wasn’t able to hear the rest of it as clear. But now I can hear everything quite clearly.
Discuss any challenges you had to overcome for this assignment! *
The biggest challenge for me during this assignment is to turn my work in part by part as i did it. I didn’t turn my work in when it was due but only as one big assignment at the end. Another challenge for me was the fact that I wasn’t able to get a quite space and get my singing on point with the rest of the song. I have a very loud house and when i did it correct there was too much background noise so I had to redo it and eventually get it correct. Another challenge that I had during the assignment is the fact that I was quit self conscious with my singing and it didn’t sound that good put I realised I wasn’t being graded on my singing but whether or not I was in time with the song.

My instrument for grade 7 – Trumpet #music #playing

The reason that I have chosen to play the trumpet is because I use to be in band, and I really liked the way it sounded and how you would play it.  I saw a concert and the sound of the trumpet  was really nice and it looked really fun to play.  I also like how the different sounds are able to be played only using three buttons, I find that really fascinating and cool.

This is how you clean your trumpet:

How to put together your trumpet:

This is why I wanna do the trumpet


Logo Design

Down below is a photo of my logo, I have a few questions could you please answer them as a comment. Thanks

What catches your eye as the first thing when you see my logo?

In what ways does my logo grab your attention?

What do you think my logo expresses?

How could I improve my logo?



Camp Reflection

I thought that this years camp was interesting and fun because there were a lot of different up and downs. So for this year’s camp, I think that the best animal that would describe me would probably be a chameleon because when I was doing the jetty jump I would want to do it and then not want to do it like a chameleon changing color. Also in our tents and dorms, we would sometimes disagree but it wouldn’t matter eventually.

What did I try hard this week at?

This week has been a week with lots of up’s and downs, and I will mostly focus on working with Jordan quietly on math and beating our own badminton record.

Jordan and I were quietly working on our math and we nearly completed them all, it was very fun and we try as hard as we could to do the five different topics differently that were mostly related to find the Number Patterns. We worked as hard as we could to complete them all. We would work together on some of the topics and the rest of them we would work individually whilst listening to music, and I really enjoyed doing it

In P.E we are still learning how to play badminton properly, one of our activities is Team Rotation. In team rotation every we would have to hit the shuttlecock once and then the next person would hit it. Me, Declan, James and Trevis were all in the same group,  we were able to take turns to hit the shuttlecock up to forty-five times. I really enjoyed doing this activity because at my old school our P.E class was a lot stricter. We were trying as hard as we could to beat our old record which was thirty-six. At last, we succeeded! YAH!

This week was a great week, I enjoyed it a lot and now I am finally part of the CDNIS community.


Home Learning Success

For this years home learning grid I will try and make sure that I can hand all of my topics on time and I can make them neat and put them in chronological order if I need to.  I will also try and reflect on my work so next time I can know what I did wrong and so that I can improve my work for the next time I do it.

In this home learning topic I think I did ok because I was able to explain well on the goals and how I can achieve them for the next time I do home learning grid.

Awesome Week 3

I have now become a true CDNIS student. I am doing everything like a CDNIS student, this week we did a lot of stuff including: VA, PE, Language and math.

In VA we where finishing off our cool roman bubble letters that we are designing for our front cover off our sketch book, the Visual Arts teacher said that I am very good at it so it made me feel very good. I enjoy Visual Arts sometimes.

In PE we are still learning badminton and we are playing a lot of games in the badminton unit including king of the court and doubles game, in my group we have James Trevis Declan and we where all playing the king of the court and all of us had an even amount of king time and playing it was very fun and enjoyable.

In home room we are learning about how to right a good reflection. We are doing a lot of different activities.

Finally, in math we are learning about number patterns, we are using the white boards and Ms. B is giving us topics and we have to try and solve them, it is very fun, and I think we should do it more often.