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Ukelele Song – Clay

How is your recording the same and different compared to the original song? What were your reasons behind your decisions? 

The original song Clay is a fast, loud, upbeat song that really looks at the singing of the artist, while I wanted to make my song a slower and calmer song that looks at the instruments more, while still keeping it an upbeat fun song. The original song uses the cords, G, Em, C, and D, I kept these cords the same. I changed the tempo from 160 to 140, this contributes to the fact that I wanted my song to be slower, calmer and quieter for the listener. The last difference between the two songs is I added two extra instruments, the piano, and a drum track. This contributes to the fact that I wanted my song to be based around instruments. Even though inside the song the instruments are slow and quiet the drum track still really keeps the song upbeat.

How did your music classes prepare you for this assignment? 

During the assignment I was taught how to create a strumming pattern, input a drum track, play the digital piano on the computer, and edit my music on Garageband and then I was told to go off, use my time management well and complete the assignment in time of the due date, using class time and home time. The first step of creating my music piece was playing the piano on my laptop. I had to learn which letters on my keyboard were the notes I was playing on my ukulele. The G note was played as letters L, J, G on my keyboard. The Em note was played as letters J, G, D on my keyboard. The C note was played as letters G, D, A on my keyboard, and lastly the D note was played as letters H, F, S on my keyboard. The second step of creating my song was playing my ukulele to the piano recording. First I created a strumming pattern with Mr. OToole but after practicing it I realized it was too complex for this calm song, so I decided to go on to YouTube and watch different people play clay so that I could try and learn one of them. I ended up using the strumming pattern, down, down, up, up, down, up, It was quite hard but after a lot of practice I got it but when I recorded it, it was really out of time so I decided to record each strum individually and copy and paste them. The last step to making my song was to sing and add a drum track. First I sang along to my piano and ukulele and then I added the drum track and made the noise softer so that it wouldn’t be too wild and upbeat for the listeners.

Ukulele Song – Clay

Music ukulele recording (Lavender’s Blue)

Lavenders Blue recording:

Discuss your Ukulele song choice and the skills you acquired.

I played the song Lavender’s blue. It’s in a common time of 4/4 and it was in the key of C. The strumming had three chords, C, F and G. During the eighth notes of the melody in bar 2 the notes go down from f, e, d, c; this is the part were I struggled the most because I accidentally played my melodies rhythm to fast, I played the four notes in half the time of the number (2 seconds) were as I could have played it at the same speed of the number (4 seconds) making it hard for me to transition between fingers while strumming multiple times up to the speed of the faster melody.

Discuss your overall understanding of Garageband and its processes. How has your skill at Garageband impacted your song?

When recording my song on garage band due to the fact that I am not that experienced at editing and I have never used the app I decided to play my song all in one go. For the melody and strumming, I recorded halfway through and then copy and pasted it because the songs strumming and melody repeats itself twice while the singing continues with a new section of words. Most of my recording was in time and I can tell because the wave of the singing, strumming, and melody mostly start in the same place but, sometimes when all three audios weren’t in time I would use command T to trim the notes and place it where the wave actually starts. I played the song’s tempo in 80, but I accidentally played the common time in 3/4 instead of 4/4 but in all, I think I still played pretty well and mostly in time

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