reflection and feedback of clock

              received my feedback by asking friends on WhatsApp and in class. Some of the feedback I received were:

  • Clock is very simple. Should add more detail.
  • Clock should be made with layered acrylic. IE: Star one layer, base one layer

I successfully satisfied the design specifications by using the correct file name, the correct colours to color in the different lines, and correctly sized the clock itself. I also stated the wood’s thickness.

the constructive feedbacks i got were that my clock is simple, steady and portable. but if I wanted to improve my clock I would spend more time on the details and think of better ways to make it able to stand or hang.

Ukulele Song – I’m your (your choice )


In my submission, I changed the strumming pattern to make it easier for my level, I also changed the position of the drums and I didn’t do the background singing and duets from the original. some of the parts singing I didn’t do because my voice can’t be so high or low or I just couldn’t sing it with out making it weird. I also made the song slower so I can do the strumming easier.

when I was in the classes, it taught me how to use garageband’s drums, how to edit the audio and told me that if I sing, I need to use ear phones so there will not be any background noise. I also use youtube to listen to what the strumming sounds like so it will be easier to do since I know what it sounds like. the classes also gave time to learn to use it myself so it will be more fun and challenging.
I did the singing first so it is easier to do the strumming later, then I did the drum audio and at the end I did the ukulele strumming.

Ukulele submission – amazing grace

Discuss your Ukulele recording. Items to discuss include: timing, note accuracy, rhythm accuracy. 
           when I was recording I often forget what note was next, and when I go outside the recording room I remember back everything. when I am recording, my ukulele gets out of tone easily. In my opinion the note G are the easiest because it doesn’t need me to hold any stings.
Discuss your overall understanding of Garageband and its processes. Items to discuss include: editing, timing, arranging, etc. How has your skill at Garageband impacted your song?
          I understand the basic of GarageBand about editing is not that good. I often make the audio separated to far and when I sing I often get voice cracks and my timing is also pretty bad.

Welcome to your iFolio

Your iFolio is a school provided web space that you will use throughout your time at CDNIS. You will use your iFolio to define your learning goals, show your learning journey, reflect on your learning and how you have developed your Approaches to Learning skills, share your best work and celebrate your achievements.

Your iFolio, in time will provide a better picture of who you are as a learner and as an individual. You are therefore highly encouraged to personalize your iFolio. You can start off by selecting one of the 60+ themes available.

Before you start using your new iFolio, follow the steps below to change the ‘Home’ link within your navigation menu to point to your site:

1. Go to your Dashboard menu options (link will open in a new tab)

2. Expand the ‘Home’ menu item by clicking on the downward facing arrow

Home Menu
Change Home Menu Attribute

3. Append the URL to read, where your student number is in the form of six digits e.g. 012345 (you can find your student number on your library card)

Home URL
Home URL Link

A final note, please bear in mind that your iFolio is a publicly accessible space, and ensure that the content you post and the language you use is appropriate.

Feel free to delete this post from your Dashboard once you have finished reading it!

Featured image used in this post by Nathan via Flickr Creative Commons