EDM thing

My EDM (We don’t talk about the drop cuz its trash)

Explain the step by step process of this assignment… 

first i researched about how to make EDMs on youtube and google, then i tried to make a melody for the song. I didn’t really like the first melody that I made so I kept on trying till i got one that I liked. After making the melody i made the distorted kick drum that one of the youtube videos told me to do. It told me not to make my own cause its a waste of time so I made using the soft ware instruments. now that the kick and melody was done I made the cords, added loops and added some strings that Mr O’tools told me to make.

Assess your success against your assessable criteria from your proposal… 

i successfully achieved the goal of not making my EDM completely trash and i actually think I did pretty good. i didn’t really follow the process of making EDM like how I wrote it in my Crit C blog but I think it is for the better

Evaluate your learning and new skills acquired. 

I learnt how to make many things in the process of making the EDM. I learnt thing like how to make cords, a good melody for an EDM and how to use distorted kick drums in songs.

What challenges did you face and overcome. 

at a point when i was making the drop I ran out of ideas and kept on trying to make a different melody for the drop but at last all i did was change a few notes to stop wasting time on one part of the song

music crit Aii form

Google Forms

What information are you using from this link? *
I learnt that you don’t need to make every thing by yourself, you can “borrow” the tune and rhythm of different songs to use as inspiration to my piece. This is important because it is more time consuming to do everything yourself.
What information are you using from this link? *
i learnt how to make a build up and drop by looping notes and making it louder. this is important because the build up and drop is an important part of making an EDM and adds tension to the music.
What information are you using from this link? *
I learnt how to use a scale to help you look for notes easier. this is important because your ears can’t always make you recognise the note that you chose.
What information are you using from this link? *
I learnt how to use reverbs to make my track sound better. this is important because you don’t want your song to be boring and receptive.

Project Genesis – Criteria Ci

What is the goal for your assignment? *

my goal for the assignment is to learn how to make an EDM that is good and does not suck. I also want to develop my skills in garage band in the process of learning how to make this.

Why this project? *

I chose this project because I listened to EDMs for a long time and always wanted to try and make one but didn’t know how but now I can learn and make one myself

Outline/Process (Steps) to Achieve Goal. *

in the processes of making the song I will first make a tune that I like then, I will make a build up and drop and finally I will submit the song

What do you hope to learn? *

i hope to learn how to use garage band better

What are the criteria you will use to self assess the success of your product? *

crit b

Grade 8 Science – Credible Scientist

how did you become a more credible scientist

i learnt to organise my info and making sure that nothing was wrong in the bungee barbie experiment. I checked that the height was the same by using a ruler and doing multiple times to make sure that the results were consistent, reliable and valid. The info has to have evidence with real data and not made up. the relationships of the independent and dependent variables has to be controlled and also includes from where what height and what your dropping. the info will be credible and reliable 

Ukulele submission – amazing grace

Discuss your Ukulele recording. Items to discuss include: timing, note accuracy, rhythm accuracy. 
           when I was recording I often forget what note was next, and when I go outside the recording room I remember back everything. when I am recording, my ukulele gets out of tone easily. In my opinion the note G are the easiest because it doesn’t need me to hold any stings.
Discuss your overall understanding of Garageband and its processes. Items to discuss include: editing, timing, arranging, etc. How has your skill at Garageband impacted your song?
          I understand the basic of GarageBand about editing is not that good. I often make the audio separated to far and when I sing I often get voice cracks and my timing is also pretty bad.