EDM thing

My EDM (We don’t talk about the drop cuz its trash)

Explain the step by step process of this assignment… 

first i researched about how to make EDMs on youtube and google, then i tried to make a melody for the song. I didn’t really like the first melody that I made so I kept on trying till i got one that I liked. After making the melody i made the distorted kick drum that one of the youtube videos told me to do. It told me not to make my own cause its a waste of time so I made using the soft ware instruments. now that the kick and melody was done I made the cords, added loops and added some strings that Mr O’tools told me to make.

Assess your success against your assessable criteria from your proposal… 

i successfully achieved the goal of not making my EDM completely trash and i actually think I did pretty good. i didn’t really follow the process of making EDM like how I wrote it in my Crit C blog but I think it is for the better

Evaluate your learning and new skills acquired. 

I learnt how to make many things in the process of making the EDM. I learnt thing like how to make cords, a good melody for an EDM and how to use distorted kick drums in songs.

What challenges did you face and overcome. 

at a point when i was making the drop I ran out of ideas and kept on trying to make a different melody for the drop but at last all i did was change a few notes to stop wasting time on one part of the song

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