Ukulele Song – I’m your (your choice )


In my submission, I changed the strumming pattern to make it easier for my level, I also changed the position of the drums and I didn’t do the background singing and duets from the original. some of the parts singing I didn’t do because my voice can’t be so high or low or I just couldn’t sing it with out making it weird. I also made the song slower so I can do the strumming easier.

when I was in the classes, it taught me how to use garageband’s drums, how to edit the audio and told me that if I sing, I need to use ear phones so there will not be any background noise. I also use youtube to listen to what the strumming sounds like so it will be easier to do since I know what it sounds like. the classes also gave time to learn to use it myself so it will be more fun and challenging.
I did the singing first so it is easier to do the strumming later, then I did the drum audio and at the end I did the ukulele strumming.

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