Genesis Research

In this video it demonstrates how to use arrangement markers and because I will be recording a song this is very good information to know to keep it structured through out the whole process of manipulating it. It will also make it easier to manipulate it while staying structured.

This video shows a simple way to play the melody of somebody that I used to know on the guitar and sounds very accurate. In the video it shows you the tabs at the bottom of the screen while the musicians is playing which is key information I am taking out of this video. I also am using this video so I can look at the way he decided to place his fingers which will perhaps help me.

This link takes me to ultimate which I have used many times before and is very reliable and helpful source. The information that Im using on this webpage contains the chords for the song somebody that I used to know.  I will also be using strumming pattern that is provided to make sure the strumming sounds the best it can.

I’m already quite familiar on how to use the drum track but this video teaches cool tricks that I’m not familiar with. For example converting your drum track into a software instrument track, which I personally find very useful as my project is a instrumental version of somebody that I use to know.


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