Genesis Research

In this video it demonstrates how to use arrangement markers and because I will be recording a song this is very good information to know to keep it structured through out the whole process of manipulating it. It will also make it easier to manipulate it while staying structured.

This video shows a simple way to play the melody of somebody that I used to know on the guitar and sounds very accurate. In the video it shows you the tabs at the bottom of the screen while the musicians is playing which is key information I am taking out of this video. I also am using this video so I can look at the way he decided to place his fingers which will perhaps help me.

This link takes me to ultimate which I have used many times before and is very reliable and helpful source. The information that Im using on this webpage contains the chords for the song somebody that I used to know.  I will also be using strumming pattern that is provided to make sure the strumming sounds the best it can.

I’m already quite familiar on how to use the drum track but this video teaches cool tricks that I’m not familiar with. For example converting your drum track into a software instrument track, which I personally find very useful as my project is a instrumental version of somebody that I use to know.


Genisis Proposal

I have chosen to do an instrumental recreation of Somebody that I use to know by Gotye because I want to incorporate my musical ability of playing the guitar into this assignment as well as other skills on garage band that I have learned during this rotation such as plug ins, drum tracks, loops, piano etc. I think I should do this because I don’t often get a chance to incorporate my skill of playing the guitar into my school work and it is a great way of showing off what I have learned in this rotation. Also because its one of my favourite songs and I have chosen to play the guitar which is something I really enjoy, I know this is something I’am passionate about. Therefore it should be fun and have a good result. One of my goals is during this experience to learn how to take two separate skill sets and work them together to create a unique piece of music.

Step 1: Research and find sheet music or instructional video of how to play the melody and strumming on the guitar for Somebody that I use to know. You can take a look at this website
Step 2: Research and find sheet music or a video on how to play the song on the piano.
Step 3: Practice and learn how to play both melody’s and the strumming.
Step 4: Once you are confident playing the melody on both guitar and piano as well ad can play the strumming, open a new garage band project and select software instrument.
Step 5: Set the tempo to 129 BMP and turn on the metronome.
Step 6: Connect your head phones to your laptop to record each part.
Step 7: Once you have successful recordings, review each recording to make sure it is in time.
Step 8 (Optional): Watch the helpful videos Mr.Otool has put on the Unit Info Document .
Step 9: Rearrange and add plug ins, loops, drum tracks etc to your song.
Step 10: Take a video recording of you first draft and send it to a classmate for feed back.
Step 11: Once you have received feed back make touch ups and submit.

I think there are three main things that will determine whether I have been successful or not. The first thing is whether the timing of my recordings are correct and are all in sync. Secondly do my recordings, plug ins, loops etc clash and thirdly the amount of difference my song has from the original.

Music Summative Reflection and Audio

First I added my loops because I find that they always contain the most interesting part of the assignment. Then Based off the sounds I chose I created melody with the piano. I made one simple and the other more complex. After that I created my CDNIS sounds and recorded them with my phone, sent it to my computer and added it to GarageBand. Then I started to arrange the loops, sounds, and software instrument recordings.Next I added my drum track and added a compressor Plug in following that I added different Plug ins to almost all of my sounds. This assignment wasn’t as hard as I thought, because I completed the previous assignments leading up to it.

Some of my CDNIS sounds I felt weren’t as useful as others, and some I just added to meet the requirement. But I still find that this requirement helped me improve my capability of using GarageBand. I did enjoy adding plugins to the different sounds and found it so interesting that I could manipulate the sounds. I feel though that most of the sounds were good but they didn’t go great with the overall product but I did really like how the vocal sound went with it (Which was something I didn’t expect).

In this unit I have learned how to use loops,  software instruments, Plug ins and a drum track. I know I learned all of this because it is shown in my summative that I understand and have learned these new skills . Each task and assignment taught me part of the summative which made it easy to do.

Some challenges I had to over come was creating the melody, which at first I found very difficult but eventually realised wasn’t as hard as it seemed. My computers internal microphones don’t work so I couldn’t directly record my CDNIS Sounds instead I had to record it with my phone on memos then send it to myself.

Here is a recording of my Music Summative:


Chinese Unit 2 Reflection




在我的 self-selected work 我有很多的不停的功课我做好和不太好。我觉得我做最好在我的短文写作,因为我的故事是很详细和有趣。但是我觉得在我的五心学词我不做好,因为我用一个基本的词汇范围。由于我做很多的联系,所以我的词汇增长。

Science Refletion

How does the natural world affect us?

The natural world has positive and negative effects on our lives. The natural worlds main negative effect on us is natural disasters because of the disruption it causes to our daily lives and resources. But the natural world also has its good effects such as purifying our air .

How do we use scientific thinking to learn about the interaction between natural world and us?

Doing experiments is the most common way we can start scientifically thinking because our scientific thinking is based on facts, and when we do science experiments, they are creating facts for our scientific thinking.

How did you use science?

I learned when doing a scientific expeirement you must take in as much information from it as possible, take that information and make sure its reliable, and come into a conclusion. I

How did you improve as a learner?

I felt through out the experiment and report I alway kept improving my work. So now I know that there is always something you can improve.

Reflection on The Giver Unit

Ever since I first started reading The Giver I have always had the same basic opinion about Jonas and his life in the community. The people in the community lives don’t have significance, uniqueness,  or choice. But as I got deeper and deeper into the book I started to agree with some of the ways of the community that didn’t seem so bad after all. I started to see both perspectives, Jonas’ and the community. It made me think that the community had the right intention all along. I never really thought that in dystopian novels they always had a good intention, to improve the world.

Service Day 2018

At the E-Farm the newest thing and most interesting thing I learned was aquaponics. Aquaponics is symbiotic relationship between fish and plants which means the fish give fertiliser to the plants and the plants clean there water for them. Before I went on the trip I had no idea about aquaponics and what it does for the environment. This system can help fish farmers to use the same healthy  water for the fish with out buying or getting more water. I didn’t take many risk during the trip.I  think I can take this project further because the main thing that we did the whole time was learn , and I can learn more and share what I have learnt.

Chinese Unit 1 Reflection