Pro Midi Assignment – Sungwoo Jung

This is a track that I made from Ed Sheeran’s “Thinking out loud”. I wanted it to have a different feeling and I wanted to make a story out of the track

15 thoughts on “Pro Midi Assignment – Sungwoo Jung”

  1. This was well done with a good start and good instruments. It would have been better if it was less repetitive and it needs more beats and bass. The last part needs more melody.

  2. I think the track repeated the piano part too much and it started to get repetitive, but the transitions between different parts of the song was done well.

  3. I liked the piano part at the start.

    But I couldn’t recognize the original song

    The change in the middle was a bit sudden, it seemed as if the tone was depressing and then it just suddenly turns to happy

  4. It sounds mysterious beat, used in a horror movie at the beginning. I like the switch up of the beat from a sort of scary to and upbeat one.

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