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Featured image used in this post by Nathan via Flickr Creative Commons

I am a Hong Konger Grade 8 Art Showcase

Grade 8 Art Fair Showcase


Title One View
Artist Mike Zhu, Sungwoo Jung, Anthony Kim
Media Water Color, Acrylic, Color Pencils, and GarageBand
Artist Statement We wanted to show the audience Hong Kong, based on our poem. We included scenes like the ferry, the MTR, buildings, mountains, etc. We decided to use different tools to color because we wanted to give contrast, so the audience could focus on a certain part of the picture. We printed out images of the main thing for one part to emphasize what each part resembles. There is a contrast leading to the Hong Kong map, and the map resembles independence and influence by China. The contrasting lines represent the British and Chinese influence. Overall our intention was to show different views in one artwork.
Here’s what we got from you:

English/Arts IDU Crit C and D Reflection Form 2019





Sungwoo Jung


How well did you communicate your experience as a Hong Konger? *
We started out with the idea of our poems. Pulling out the elements of the poem, we created an artwork that reflected all of Hong Kong. Although it didn’t really have a certain purpose of having a specific viewpoint, it did present a lot of diverse places in Hong Kong. For example, my place in Hong Kong was the MTR, while the rest of the group members chose places such as the Hong Kong Ferry. We focused on total of 8 places. The MTR, the ferry, the streets, the trees, the beach, the city view, people busy, and mountains. In the middle, we placed a map of Hong Kong to represent the two influences in Hong Kong, the British Influence and the Chinese Influence, and in the 8 slots, we wanted to show the beauty of Hong Kong. Our goal was to show the viewer, our unique view of Hong Kong.

How would you describe your personal success as an interdisciplinary learner? *
We used many collaboration skills during the project, and we were able to learn many skills, we tried our best to show everything we learned in one artwork. At the beginning of the project, our idea was pretty vague, but as we progressed the idea became solid throughout many combinations and opinions. We were able to create a decent product. Also, at the beginning, we had trouble communicating as we were unsure of how our work would turn out., and to solve this we tried our best to express all our ideas we had and the result was a solid artwork.

How would you describe benefits of the interdisciplinary unit with specific examples. *
We were able to combine what we learned throughout the three fine art units and use them to create 1 artwork. It was very interesting how we were able to create what we desired and had no limits. As our project used a lot of art elements, we used different artistic elements, sketching etc. Our group managed to create a MIDI track of a piano that we learned in art. We managed to pull it off easily as we had a good background knowledge that we earned from the past units.

What were the limitations of the interdisciplinary unit? Give specific examples… *
One of the limitations of this unit was that there was no standard so we didn’t know whether our work was good. We mostly relied on feedback from the other groups, and tried our best. Furthermore, our group lacked a lot of materials/resources compared to our imagination and it was difficult to create ideas. At first we had a idea of creating a time lapse video but it was turned down as we weren’t sure if it was the best artwork we could create, while we also thought of creating something colourful out of miniature photos of Hong Kong, it was also marked off the list as it was too hard of a work and we weren’t sure if we had the right materials and time. Our work was based on musical and visual elements and I feel like our group had tried our best to deliver a perspective of Hong Kong.

Grade yourself using the IDU Specifications. Easy if you have followed the above instructions!
Communication of the interdisciplinary theme.
Personal success as a interdisciplinary learner.
Benefits of the interdisciplinary unit with specific examples.
Limitations of the interdisciplinary unit with specific examples.

Self assess using the Crit. C rubric (question 1) *

Self assess using the Crit. D rubric (Question 2-4) *

How science can cause and solve environmental problems?

Give an brief description of an oil spill and how it can be cleaned up using science.

Oil spills are critical to the environment. Most of the time, they happen through harsh climates at the sea that destroy oil ships. They can effect the ocean life by polluting the waters and damaging the lives of birds and marine life. However, as humans have caused this problem, they have created solutions to solve it too. There are many methods like the Fitu Burning Method, the boomer and skimmer method, using hairs and filtering paper to clean out the water. Currently, all methods all pretty much in use to save the environment.

Is science good for humanity? Do the benefits of scientific discovery outweigh the problems it causes?

Is science good for humanity? This question is hard to answer. Throughout the entire history of humans beginning life on earth they have always needed to prosper. We didn’t have a certain physical trait that would help us survive in the wild which is why humans needed to create something that could differ them from the other animals. Science was one of the factors that helped the human kind survive. Although our lives have become quite comfortable due to science, it didn’t go well for the wildlife and things around. To discover rubber and create a factory on the land caused Gorillas and Orangutans to leave their homes or get hunted down. There will always be a cost to discovery and if science can’t find a solution to it then we will have to face some serious consequences in the future.

Project Genesis – Crit B/D – Final Product

Explain the step by step process of this assignment… *
 I began this project with the thought of creating a mashup track that would be somehow influential to the world. However, as I proceeded throughout the project, but I realised that it would be difficult to create space for every track. So I decided to create a track out of MIDI instead and use certain sound effects and parts of vocals to add on to the song. I wanted to add something influential at the final part of the song so I added a quote from Morgan Freeman on the CNN interview.


Assess your success against your must haves and desirable qualities from your proposal… *
 I think this project ended up a bit differently from the proposal. I began with the idea of mashing up songs yet it was changed after the difficulty and unsatisfying ways that it turned out. I still feel like there was a bright side of success to the project from the proposal. I was able to improve a lot of things that I never knew about or didn’t try throughout the years and the project turned out wonderful.


Evaluate your learning and new skills acquired. *
 Throughout this project, I learned many skills. I got in hand of downloading and distorting, changing the BPM of the track. I was able to learn stuff that I never learnt in the class and it was pretty interesting and was something that satisfied me. It was also pretty sweating for me when I tried to read piano sheet music and recompose everything. I have played the piano before yet it was still difficult for me to try playing it in 5 years.


What challenges did you face and overcome. *
 I think I was able to overcome two qualities in this project. The first quality being playing the piano. I had difficulty getting used to the piano notes and thinking of ideas because it had been so long since I played it and it made it more difficult at the fact that it was impossible to play a instrument fluently on the typing keyboard. I had to rearrange the notes with my mouse which was difficult yet I managed. Don’t worry though, because I changed it a lot from the original song. The second quality is the messiness of the track. I had difficulty arranging the notes and there were, and are still, unsatisfying and boring parts throughout the track. Although I managed to fix it a bit, I feel like it’s gonna be something that I have to work on if I’m going to do this properly and often.
(Track was deleted by user)

There will be some boring bits throughout the track, but I would appreciate it if you still listened to it completely. Thanks. ✌️

vLog Reflection Design Unit 2

What are some cultural considerations people make when designing products?

Creating a certain product and naming it can be seemingly difficult, depending on the customer. The customer can feel annoyed, and even insulted, depending on the design or branding of the product. For example a certain word of a car can seem like a very amazing and positive name to some, while to others, it could seem as a insult towards them. When considering to creating a product it is always important to mind titles and other design themes that don’t make any connection with other cultures.

How does the design of a product communicate traditions and values?

Most designs can vary depending on the theme and purpose. The design can be visually positive to some and shown as negativity to others. In China, the colour red can be a positive colour, symbolizing loyalty. Yet, in other countries, red is depicted as a negative symbol of evil. However if the need is to visualize a tradition, there is no choice to choose a certain traditions like a colour, drawings and words.

Are handmade products an effective way of minimising environmental impact? Why and why not?

Handmade products can use very effective parts to create something. A good example is wood. Since most industrialised products use steel, iron and other materials that is created with machines, they still have the consequence of pollution and emissions. However wood can solve this problem. Wood doesn’t require factories to create and shape out a product.

Project Genesis – Crit A – Research

What information are you using from this link? *
I wanted to find out how to download tracks and apply them into Garage band. I wasn’t so sure how I should be starting the mashup and needed to get a feeling and example.



What information are you using from this link? *
I was planning to find out the difficulties and softwares to download the original mashup tracks from.



What information are you using from this link? *
For Project Genesis, I wanted to try a different way of saving track space to prevent sound overloads. To use constant repeats, I needed to use Cycles. However I had no idea on how to use Cycles during the past projects.



What information are you using from this link? *
I wanted to do more research into finding out about using and modifying MIDI tracks and learning more plugins that I never knew about or learned.

Project Genesis – Criteria Ci

What is the goal for your assignment? *
My goal in this assignment is to create a song mashup and adding on dance music elements such as EDM and etc. I wanted to create my own music in a form that can prove the audience that I have learned the past classes well and that I can create my own music and mash it up with other songs to create a better one. I want the audiences to get a certain interest to the music I can create.


Outline/Process (Steps) to Achieve Goal. *
First Step: Finding at least 3 to 4 songs that I will be able to use for the mashup Second Step: Mashing these songs up together to create music elements like EDM Third Step: Adding on MIDI tracks created by myself Fourth Step: Arranging the track
I also plan to create this piece of music mostly based on my own MIDI file mostly. There will be mash ups yet not too much.


Why this project? *
I always wanted to create my own piece of music and throughout all of the skills I have learned. I wanted to create my own piece of music with a nice clean flow and beat. I wanted to add with my own MIDI files and other song rhythms to see how they end up. This is my first time creating my own music and this could be a new experience for me.


What do you hope to learn? *
I hope to learn new skills like plugins and being able to create a clean flow of music instead of messy tracks like my previous works. It would be also nice to learn if I can use all the past skills properly in this one work. Also, through this experience I want to see if I am capable of creating my own music that I always wanted to.


What are you must haves for this assignment? *
I would need at least three to four songs, at least three MIDI tracks and plugins. I will have to have a certain outline of the music I will be creating. The hook, highlight, and the climax. I need to create a certain beat so I would definitely need to play around with MIDI tracks and loops. I plan on to create a certain outline of my song in order to create a even track with repetitions.


What are your desirable qualities you hope to add in for your assignment? *
I wanted to add qualities like proper plugins, and my own MIDI track that has a nice clean flow. I want to prove that I can solve my own problems through this project. I also want to show the listener that I am capable of creating my own music, and making another music out of it with other songs.

Sungwoo Jung – Sounds of CDNIS [Criterion B]

Song Title: The Homework Song

Describe the process of this assignment. *
In this assignment, I as the composer of the song was assigned to record 4 sounds of the school. One sound needed to be a recording of a teacher speaking and the rest of the 3 sounds were acquired to be any sounds of the school. I recorded all 4 sounds as required and then began to add plugins and effects. After adding the plugins, I recorded a video of myself explaining the sounds that I have recorded and what they sound like after the distortions. Then I began creating a piece of music using the 4 sounds, loops and midi tracks using previously learned knowledge.
Discuss your CDNIS sounds and how useful they were for your end product. *
I recorded 4 sounds of CDNIS. The first sound was my homeroom teacher speaking a sentence, the second sound was a sound of water from a sink, the third sound was the sounds of computer keys and the final sound was the sound of a wall being hit couple of times. As I recorded these sounds I made sure to record for at least 8 seconds in order to create a pattern. I wasn’t really going for recording sounds like other instruments since I was able to use loops and midi files. I feel like I was able to create a better beat with other sounds.
Evaluate your learning and new skills acquired. *
In this assignment we were able to demonstrate for the first time, the plugins that we have learned in our past vocabulary assignment. I was able to learn more about the plugins and get used to them overtime. Moreover, this was a new opportunity for me to create midi tracks. I tried new instruments from electro piano to guitars to pads and it was interesting to see how loops and midi tracks went along together.
What challenges did you face and overcome? *
I had difficulties coming up with ideas and themes for the music at the beginning. However I thought about using a EDM theme and it turned out to work out well. Another challenge I faced was controlling the plugins. I had trouble making the plugins have a nice clear sound and sometimes I had problems of the tracks overloading and sometimes being impossible to play. In the end, I tried my best to make the plugins equal and stand out together so the listener could hear them. However, I was still kind of disappointed how the sounds volumes were still overlapping each other even though equal plugins were made.