11 thoughts on “Pro Midi Assignment”

  1. Nice one mate. The loops were really good and the piece sounds okay. It seems like the song is somewhat distorted and the timing was off. The song was quite recognisable. It is still a great song though.

  2. Your song is quite recognizable but I can tell you changed the style a lot. I really like your piece! But you can try to change the melody of the song more.

  3. Aarush,
    Great Job! This sounds really good! It is easily recognized at first! This is really good. I will listen to it if I want to have a calm environment.

  4. Hi Aaruuuuush,

    Good job on your audio! I really like the loops you have added. The song was quite recognizable at first then towards the end it sounded a little different.

    Good job!

  5. Interesting mix of loops and midi. Watch the timing of the loops – most listeners are expecting even division of time – loops in 2 bars, 4 bars etc… You have done some interesting edits to the midi which is nice to hear!

  6. This song sounds like kind of exactly like Wake Me UP with just a few loops added here and there. Next time maybe you could make it sound different than the original song?

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