SAA Final Update

14 May , 2019  

Children International Summer Village (CISV):

  • helped provide warm food for the elderly in Tun Mun.

Vice President of Interact Club:

  • My responsibility as Vice President¬†is organizing, creating and leading lessons in Ap Lei Chau primary school.

  • Preparing for my weekly lessons with the primary school I would need to communicate with the teacher at the primary school regarding what topic the students are following that week.

  • For the lessons, there will be a range of games, presentations, and worksheets used to teach the kids English.

Tutoring Children Voluntarily: 2017- Present

  • Kids4kids: Helping local students in Hong Kong to learn English by playing games & reading stories.

  • Weekly tutoring sessions teaching Cantonese, English and Mandarin with children ages 5-16.

Using my YouTube channel to promote healthy and sustainable living: 2017- Present

  • In one of my videos, I promoted second- hand shopping.

  • A lot of my videos I promote having a healthy and balanced lifestyle as a high school student in Hong Kong.

1. How did you become more aware of your own strengths and areas for growth?

Throughout the year of doing Service as Action, I realized that I enjoy helping the local Hong Kong community, primarily children.
2. How did you undertake challenges that developed new skills?

I struggled to find a Service as Action that I enjoyed to participate. I joined multiple clubs and volunteer clubs to find how I could help my community in the most effective way.  In the end, I was able to see what I enjoy and how I could help my community most effectively.
3. How did you discuss, evaluate and plan student-initiated activities?

I had weekly meetings with the general members and excessive members of the club to discuss the lesson plans for Ap Lei Chou primary school. Everyone will give their feedback or ideas for each future event or lesson plan.
4. How did you persevere in action?

I joined chats for each organization to get me updated in different and upcoming events.
5. How did you work collaboratively with others?

In order to, have new ideas in teaching children English, we need to work together and listen to each other’s ideas.
6. How did you develop international-mindedness through global engagement, multilingualism and intercultural understanding?

Working with different people from around the world helped me to appreciate different cultures and values. Being able to communicate with the local Hong Kong community and the international community helped me to be open-minded and understanding of different peoples values.
7. How did you consider the ethical implications of your actions?

Living in Hong Kong for more than seven years made me realize that I have to give back to the community that I call home. Being able to give smiles to people in need gave me a new light to view certain situations.

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