For our unit in chemistry, we learnt about physical properties and one of them is density. To let us explore further, the teacher let us do a little experiment involving layering liquids and solids. It was very satisfying overall, but it also made me realise that water wasn’t the lightest liquid and I finally understand how they make a layered drink. They put the syrup first and something in between and the alcohol at the very top.


In this unit, I was focusing on how to be a credible scientist while I was doing lab reports, and I quickly realized that being a credible scientist isn’t as easy as it seems. A credible scientist has to make sure all their work is reliable and trustworthy. For my investigation on seed dispersal by wind, I had to do several trials to make sure my data was correct before handing it into my teacher.  In real life, people who are scientists for a living publish studies that affect everyone’s lives, so it is very important to not lie about their results and do more trials to show the public the most reliable study they could do. As I mentioned above, I also learned to write lab reports this unit. Even though my lab report is of an eighth grader’s, this lab writing skill will still be very useful for later grades

I came to this school just in time for the robotics stuff. In my old school, we stuck to the syllabus very closely. We never did robotics or study animals or stuff. It was a pity that I did not come in time for the Jurassic Garage as I love animals, especially snakes.

In the past month that I’ve been here, I’ve already learnt more than I ever did. Science news has always amazed me and I was glad that Mr MacEachern made time for them and was willing to talk about both the cons and pros of that subject. Different topics were mentioned, and we were encouraged to participate in the discussions.

I really like the science classes here. 🙂