Maths activities reflection


Even though I have already learned the general aspects of this unit (geometry), maths lessons are much more fun than the ones in my old school. I can learn how to cooperate with others to solve a maths problem and Ms. Kirchner always finds a fun way to teach old units, i.e. Tetris and transformation golf. It doesn’t matter if I have already have knowledge of the subject because there is always something new and fun to learn in math class.

Tetris was my favorite part of this unit. When I was small, I used to play Tetris with my friends, I’ve never really given any thought as to how it relates to maths. But now, having knowledge of translation, rotation, and reflection, I can play Tetris with a much deeper understanding of the game. Rotating the blocks is a major part of the game and is needed to get a high score. Now that I can fully use what I’ve learned at school in Tetris, maybe I can finally beat my sister?

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