ukulele- my choice

this is my ukulele

the recorded song was different from the original song because I added a piano and a drum so now, it sounds more childish and the original song is really long but what I did was shorter than the actual one because there were parts that were too hard for me and most of the tutorials in youtube only had the first part so I chose to do the first part. I also made the song a bit faster because I get confused with the speed when the song is too slow. I changed the strum pattern because the original one was too hard to strum and the strum pattern didn’t repeated a lot so I changed it to a strum pattern that I used to use.

I learned how to add drums and pianos and other instruments and I got better at editing the song and I also got better at strumming the ukulele because before, I had no strum patterns but now I got a new strum patterned can switch codes faster then before. I got better at playing the intstruments in the same time because now I can play the pianos and drums listening to the ukulele song that I recorded