Science unit 2 structures and forces

1.How does the natural world affect us?

Natural disasters(typhoon, earthquakes), gravity

2.How do we use scientific thinking to learn about the interaction between natural world and us?

We build structures stronger so that it can stand more compression and other forces caused by the the natural world. did you use science?

I used different kind of trusses and tried to see which one can stand the most compression and weight.

ukulele- my choice

this is my ukulele

the recorded song was different from the original song because I added a piano and a drum so now, it sounds more childish and the original song is really long but what I did was shorter than the actual one because there were parts that were too hard for me and most of the tutorials in youtube only had the first part so I chose to do the first part. I also made the song a bit faster because I get confused with the speed when the song is too slow. I changed the strum pattern because the original one was too hard to strum and the strum pattern didn’t repeated a lot so I changed it to a strum pattern that I used to use.

I learned how to add drums and pianos and other instruments and I got better at editing the song and I also got better at strumming the ukulele because before, I had no strum patterns but now I got a new strum patterned can switch codes faster then before. I got better at playing the intstruments in the same time because now I can play the pianos and drums listening to the ukulele song that I recorded

humanities making of me video reflection.

  Making of Me Reflection:


Use some of the prompts below to reflect on the process of organizing and creating your Making of Me video.  Remember to be reflective rather than simply retell what you did.


         – Which part of the assignment did you do well?

I added soundtracks because it was too quiet and kind of boring and i also tried to add funny clips in the the parts where i change the topic. If i had to do it again i would also add the same soundtracks and the format of  the video.


      – What could you have done better?

I thought the recording will only take like 10 minutes but actually it took like 30 minutes to record it so i couldn’t spend a lot of time in editing or recording so my voice oner has a lot of grammer mistakes and there are parts that sound awkward. If i make my video again i would spend more time in recording and editing the video.


      – Which part of the project was the most difficult?

The part that i had to write the script and the planner took the longest but actually the recording part was the hardest part because when i make a mistake while typing i can just fix it that part but when i’m recording, i have to start again if i make a mistake and it has to be perfect unlike the script.


      – What would you do differently if you did the project again?

I would have spend more time on recording and editing the video because it took a lot of time for me to record and i didn’t had enough time to edit it and i have a lot of grammer mistakes in my video.


      – What have you learned from this project? (3 things)

I accidently deleted my first project while i was trying to post it in my drive so i had to only 2 days to do it again so it wasn’t good as much as the first project because i didn’t had enough time.


      – What have you learned about the way you work from this project?

Always do my homework first before i do anything else and make sure i don’t lose it before i post it in my drive.


ukulele: amazing grace

this is my assignment

it was hard to match the rhythm of the strumming and melody because when  I am doing the strumming I play faster and when I played the melody I get slower I used the metronome to solve this problem

garage band’s capabilities:
– recording
– editing
– metronome
garage band impacted my song by making it more sound organized because I could use the metronomes while recording and also edit it after I am done. I can also I didn’t had to be perfect while recording because I could edit it after I’m done.