Project Genesis – Crit B/D – Final product

This is my song

Project Genesis – Criteria Di

Explain the step by step process of this assignment… *
For this project, I got to choose what I wanted to do using the things I learned until now. I chose to make an EDM song because I always enjoyed listening to EDM songs and wanted to try making one. First, I had to watch YouTube videos and tutorials to get a general knowledge of how to make an EDM song. I learned steps to make an EDM song and other requirements and tips for making an EDM song. After this, I had to answer a survey of what videos I watched and what I learned from them. Once, I got started on my project, I first tried to make a melody track by trying random melodies to see if it sounds good. Then, I created the instruments that I am going use and created 2 drum tracks, 3 melody tracks, and 1 apple loops track. Since I wasn’t comfortable with drums yet, I got help from Caleb to create a drum track. Once I got the basic structure of the song, I asked Mr. Otoole for feedback and he told that my intro part was a bit too long and that my song was too short. After I started editing the order to make it sound better, I tried using different plugin effects to make the track sound more cool and suitable with my song. After I finished editing, I exported the song in medium quality(256kb /s) and created a new post in my blog and uploaded my song to it. Lastly, I submitted the link to my blog on google classroom so that Mr. Otoole could mark it.


Assess your success against your assessable criteria from your proposal… *
My goal for this assignment was to create an EDM song that is exciting and entertaining for others to listen to and develop my GarageBand skills. I think my song is entertaining for others to listen to and has some exciting parts. Also, I significantly improved my GarageBand skills by try using new instruments and using different plugin effects. My criteria that I was going to use to self-asses my project was that it will be about something that I am proud of myself and interested in. It will be at least 2 minutes long, use different plugin effects, have 2 or more melody instrument tracks, include 4 or more apple loops. I am satisfied with my song and used different plugin effects, have 2 melody tracks and 2 drum tracks but I only used 1 apple loops track because I mostly just used instrument tracks except for the riser track in apple loops. Although, I did not use 4 apple loops tracks, I think my song makes sense and has a logical order to it. Also, I think my song is entertaining and uses different plugin effects.


Evaluate your learning and new skills acquired. *
From this assignment, I learned how to make and simple EDM song. By watching tutorials and other videos about how to make an EDM song, I learned the basic structure and requirements of an EDM song. Also, I learned more about GarageBand tools such as, plugin effects, instruments and other things. I got more comfortable with creating drum tracks that fit my song.


What challenges did you face and overcome. *
During the process of making my song, I had to reorder the whole entire song because the intro part was too long and tedious and the song was shorter than 2 minutes. I duplicated my original project in case I make a mistake and can’t recover my original song. Once, I duplicated my project, I renamed it and deleted everything except for the tracks that I was going to use. I tried to reorder them so that the song would be more longer and less tedious in the intro part. In addition, I added some new tracks to it so that it doesn’t sound too repeating and also changed some of my instruments because they didn’t fit my song. Once, I was done with this, I edited the song and added different plugin effects for my tracks.

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