Sounds of CDNIS Reflection

Sounds of CDNIS – Criteria Di 2019/20

Here is my song

Describe the process of this assignment. *
For this assignment, I had to include 4 sounds from CDNIS, 4 or more loops including a teacher vocal, 1 drum track, and 2 melody instruments. In addition, the use of plugin effects was also required for the CDNIS soundtracks. First, I had to go around the school and recorded random noises from the school. For example, I recorded students chatting, doors closing, and other common daily life noises that you hear every day in the school. After I chose 4 tracks to use from the sounds that I have recorded, I imported them in GarageBand and started testing different plugin effects on them so that they could fit in my song and sound different from the original track. Then, I created 2 instrument tracks for the song. Once I got ready, I duplicated the project so that I could rearrange my tracks for the 2 minutes screencast video. In my video, I introduced the different tracks I was using and the plugin effects that I used to edit the CDNIS soundtracks. Then, I went back to GarageBand and tried listening to different apple loops. Once I decided what loops I was going to use, I thought about what I could use my CDNIS sounds for and decided to make a drum. I also added 2 melody tracks and tried to rearrange the whole project so that it could make more sense and sound more like a song. After I finished my song, I exported my song and posted it on my blog and turned in the link to my blog in google classroom so that Mr. Otoole could mark it.
Discuss your CDNIS sounds and how useful they were for your end product. *
For my sounds of CDNIS, I had to record 4 different tracks including a teacher vocal. To begin with, the first sound I used was clicking a table. I mainly used this for the beat in my drum and added a delay effect so that I sound more satisfying. For my second sound, I used a door closing. I mainly used this sound between tracks to signal that the previous section ended. For my third and fourth sound, I recorded me banging a table and a sofa. These 2 sounds were used as my main beat and structure in my drum. For my teacher vocal, I used Ms. Mac saying “what are you doing here? Are you allowed to be here? Who gave you permission to be here?”. I added a pitch shifter effect to make it sound more cool and I used this multiple times in my song
Evaluate your learning and new skills acquired. *
Before this assignment, I didn’t know how to use plugin effects but by using and testing different plugins and practicing how to use them, I got more used to them and learned how to use different plugin effects for different tracks. I also learned that by using plugins effectively, you can transform your track from being repetitive and inappropriate for your song to a track that can be very useful. I also learned how to organize my tracks and put them in an order of most significant to least significant. Before this assignment, I randomly placed my tracks without order and often ended up spending 3 minutes looking for the right track when there were multiple tracks in my project, but after this assignment, I learned how to use them efficiently and organized.
What challenges did you face and overcome? *
When I was working on my project, I forgot the requirement that I need to include 2 melody tracks in my song. Eventually, I ended up creating my song and finishing without any use of melody instruments. I tried playing random melodies to see if they fit in with the rest of the song. Fortunately, I found an instrument that fits in my song and used it to create suspense at the climax of the song. Also, when I was done with my project, I realized that my song was only 1 minute 30 seconds long. I overcame this by making the intro part of the song longer and adding new tracks to the song by deleting unnecessary tracks. I did make my song longer by doing this, but this also led to weird moments in the song and made it go over 3 minutes. So, I tried to shorten some of the parts that were too boring or repetitive.

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