Grade 8 Science Credible Scientists Reflection

In this unit, I have learned how to be a credible scientist. To begin with, I used credible methods to find a relationship between the independent variable and the dependent variable. During my data collection, I made sure all the control variables are consistent and repeated the experiment when there was an unexpected event or error. For example, I didn’t include the data that I have failed to control the environment, such as, different angles of releasing the whirlybirds and the whirlybirds that landed on the stairs. Also, I used 3 trials for each independent variable and used the average value as my dependent variable. As a result, I had a consistent relationship between my independent variable and my dependent variable and the range of each dependent variable was very small.

Table #1 : Drop time of the whirlybirds

IV – Length of leaves (cm) DV – Drop time of the whirlybirds
Trial #1 Trial #2 Trial #3
5 9 8.88 8.87
6 6.72 6.6 6.75
7 4.47 4.31 4.59
8 3.59 3.61 3.34
9 3.1 2.97 3.1

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