About My Instrument

All of the instruments sound very interesting and unique so, it was hard to choice only one. But, I made my decision and I know that I want to play the flute. It sounds very calm and beautiful! I also like a challenge so the flute is the perfect instrument for me. Some information I found:

How to clean and maintain your flute: (Source: wikihow.com/Clean-and-Maintain-Your-Flute)

  1.  Unscrew each piece carefully (head-joint from body-joint form foot-joint) Do not touch any of the keys on the flute because it might damage the sound, and that will result to it sounding not so good.
  2.  Use a cotton rod to clean out any unwanted germs that might be in the flute. (Stick it in the open slots in parts 1,2 and 3)
  3.  Clean the outside of the flute to remove any excess grease or fingerprints.                                                                                                 *Remember DO NOT TOUCH THE KEYPADS!                                         KEEP OUT OF EXTREME TEMPERATURES!                                                                                                                                                             How to put a flute together:                                                                     (Source: youtube.com/watch)  1. Head Joint: The crown (side that is closed) and the open hole on the other end. Hold the head joint in your left hand close to the opening. 2. The Body: Is the longest part of your flute and has keys all over it. It has holes on both of the sides. Hold the body of the flute to the side where there aren’t as many keys. (Hold with right hand) 3. Place the body joint and head joint gently together with a twisting motion. 4. Make sure the two are lined up properly by if the embouchure  hole (the one you blow into) is lined up with all of the keys. 5. Take the foot joint (Has two holes on the opposite side of each other) in your right hand and the other joined up piece in the left and tightly twist the two together as you did with the head and body joint. (Make sure it is properly lined up)

How you make the sound:


  1. When playing the flute we must shape our lips in the correct position, this is called embouchure.                                                       How to do it: Start with a very relaxed and calm face and close your lips like your saying “emm” Then firm the corners of the lips. Push air through your the middle of the lips, it will sound like your saying “P” …. we have to move the direction of the air stream. (Up or down)
  2. Pick up the head joint and attached to it you’ll see a lip plate, it tucks under the bottom lip. The hole on it is called the embouchure hole direct your air stream to go across to the hole.
  3. Cover up the hole on the other side with your hand and place the lip plate under your bottom lip blow gently and your flute will create sound.

Somethings to Remember:

Make sure the embouchure hole is lined up and exactly placed in the centre