The apps I made

In Design we learned to create different apps using coding and “xcode.” In class time we made three unique apps that really stood out from one another, first one being about clicking a button and it saying “Welcome”, second one about guessing ones age in 2050 and third being about finding any kind of figure. All of these were fun to make and definitely enjoyed the process but sadly, the only app that worked was the first one as the other two had some kind of errors.


For the first app we had to add a label saying “My first app” and then dragging it into the coding area were we made named it labelTitle (not action), then we made a text field which was blank, repeating the process of dragging it in and giving it a short name like textfieldHello (again not an action) and lastly we made a button saying “Click here” again dragging it into the coding area afterwards and naming it buttonHere then in brackets saying (textfieldHello.text = “Hello World”. We did that because after clicking the button we wanted it to say Hello World in the text field. After finishing the coding, I switched it from “Iphone 7 plus” to “Iphone 7” and later starting the project to see if it worked.

I learned in these few design classes that the computer is a very dumb machine and if you make even one simple mistake when coding you have to start all over again! Overall, I enjoyed this unit and want to be learning more about it.