Seed Dispersal Investigation

What makes a credible scientist?

A credible scientist uses reliable sources to gather their information like different websites that are verified and the information is correct. They will always have to have general information about the topic. With every source they gathered the information from scientists must use MLA citations.

Why is the scientific ‘way of knowing’ used in medicine compared to other ways of knowing?

The scientific ‘way of knowing’ is more reliable than religious when used in medicine because, the scientific ‘way of knowing’ is tested on different forms of life like people, animals, plants. It is more reliable as they know if the medication will work or not, as for the religious ‘way of knowing’ it is not confirmed if it will work and it is not tested to see if the method is reliable, as it is more of an opinion and not a fact.

Reflecting on scientific investigations is important because you can get more accurate results by repeating investigations with improvements to your method. How would you improve your seed dispersal investigation if you were to repeat it?

– Next time I will add range and units in my hypothesis that connect to my IV and DV like cm2 and seconds.
– On my first variable table, I will add the units under the variables.
– Check if the way I explained the method is correct or not, different spelling mistakes – etc. Make method more concise.


– Next time I will add a graph stating the positives and negatives about the validity of method, and add an overall judgment.
– In the raw data table I will make the units go under the header; seconds.
– I will make the decimal places more consistent in table 4 that I have created.
– I will need to understand what I have to do in the extension part next time, change the IV.


Science Reflection (*Student + Parent Conference)

During these past few months in science class, we learned many different things, discussed biodiversity and created cardboard structures.

When creating cardboard structures we worked in groups of three (Liana, Georgena and I) and all had different jobs we had to complete by the end of the unit. I think with doing this unit and being involved in it I improved my collaboration skills since we were always helping one another, I was new when doing this and quite shy so by being in the groups I improved my communication skills and started to be more confident. I believe this also tested our creative skills and how well we think outside of the box. Liana, Georgena and I created cubbies and hooks made out of cardboard to place jackets and backpacks near the third-floor gym as it is usually crowded and very disorganized, our goal was to provide more convenience to staff and students as well as create a more organized area. Although it was an excellent idea that would really improve the school we didn’t have enough time to complete the hooks because of different challenges and difficulties as well as just being silly at times.

This image represents what we’re planning to do with the cubbies, unfortunately, I didn’t receive the photos that were taken of the hooks. As you could see the bags fit well in the different sections of the cubbies, this shows how it organizes everything neatly.

Another project that I did was the creating the poster that informs people about biodiversity in different places around the world. The ecosystem I chose for this unit was the “Belize Barrier Reef,” on my poster it had shown the biotic and abiotic elements found in that ecosystem, the location of the reef itself, interactions in the ecosystem, niches and habitats found in the ecosystem as well as a trophic triangle and food web in the Belize barrier reef. On my poster, it provided pictures and big titles so it was easier to understand the information that was on the poster. I really enjoyed this unit because it was very interesting to find out about the kind of ecosystem the Belize Barrier Reef is and the different elements that it is made up of. A big problem that I’ve found is when researching the different topics, it was very hard because not everything that I needed to know was provided online so I really had to find my research on a variety of sites. All in all, I really liked the unit.