Math Unit 3 on Geometry

The unit on geometry was really fun and I have learned a lot throughout it. We have done many hands-on activities that had helped me understand more about it. I’ve done rotations, translations and reflections in my old school so, everything we have learned in class was pretty much a revision.

Finding the circumference and area of the circle was a brand new concept, and I had never done it before. I didn’t quite understand everything and did not do as well as I thought on the summative. Therefore, on Thursday I went to Mrs. Kirchner’s math help to revise and understand how to properly do the task assigned. We had a similar task where we had to find wether or not the plate fits the pancake by finding the perimeter of the circle/pancake, as well as for the second question finding the area of the circle/pancake. This activity really got me to understand the mathematical concept and how to deal with both the area and circumference of the circle. I think that math help was one of the main elements that helped me throughout unit three, as in class we do not do extra activities.