Young Americans

Young Americans are awesome! Previously, Young Americans had come to our school, I had an amazing experience!

Young Americans are exciting and fun! They help encourage and help you. I was a shy person before, but now, I am braver and like to join more activities that help my courage, risk-taking, and being open-minded… I was in the Big Brains group.

In the performance, we had acting, singing, and dancing. During the performance, the order of the acts was, Opening dance, we did pretty well on the dance, but most of the people forgot what they were supposed to do. Second, we had choral singing. Which went good, because we remembered most of the lyrics and we sang with good rhythm and melody. Third, we had our acting. Acting was one of my favorite parts because it is most fun, we acted for a baseball game, boxing, and a crying baby sene. Disney was after choral, I don’t know how well it went because that was for solo only. Then, we sang Lean on me. Afterward, we had the Tradition Lion king dance. I love the Lion dance so much! Because they had an awesome tribe of music and dance.

I really liked to dance, sing, and act with the Young Americans. They’re very cheerful and encouraging towards people. I love you YA’s!


This is a photo of;

Calina photo-bombing Wyit’s singing solo.









特徵5: 珠唇小巧有肉



STP unit’s Activist speech reflection:

I just did my activist speech yesterday, I was super nervous.

During my process, I think I did well on keeping myself on task and I also wasn’t behind on anything. I think that I could ask my friends for more help so that I could do better on my speech and be more emotional and persuasive on my presentation.

During my presentation, I was very nervous at that time, but in the end, I didn’t feel so nervous anymore. I felt normal and wasn’t stuttering anymore, which, was a good thing. I did well by talking loudly and clearly, but I think I could talk smoother and I looked a bit too much at my notecards. I had Pathos, Ethos, and stats.

Next time, I think that I should put more facts and evidence in my activist speech. I can also use more Logos too. What I found challenging was trying to remember my speech by heart, I think next time I also should practice more and find ways to remember the speech, eg: Making a story for the speech.

Overall, I was nervous at first, but better later.



1st Term review for grade 6

Hello, I almost finished the 1st term in grade6! I had a great time challenging myself in Math, English, and Chinese.

I gained lots of knowledge this year, but most of all, I learned most things from Math. I learned more strategies for multiplication and division.

I learned how to use;

  • An area model
  • Long division
  • Spit up then add
  • Estimating
  • Bar model
  • Number line
  • Metal math
  • Calculate in the brain
  • Standard
  • Partial Products…

I like to use the area model the best, it’s the most simple for me. It’s also easy and convenient to use an area model. This is how you can use an area model; 3456 x 234

200                                                                                            30


4    | __________3000___________________|_______________50_____________________| = _____

|___________400___________________|________________6_____________________|   =  ____                                                                                                           = _______

So 1st, you mutiply 200 & all of the other numbers in the boxs one by one, then add the answers together. Second, you mutiply 30 & all of the other numbers in the boxs one by one, then add the answers together. Third, you repeat the second step but with 4 instead of 30. With all the answers from steps 1 – 3, you add all the answers together.

This term was challenging, but challenging myself makes me learn more.

Next term, I will improve my writing. I have lots of ideas for writing, but I can’t write a lot of detail. That is because I can’t describe things very well. I can seek help from my friends, family, and teacher. Maybe next term, I can write a lot of pages!

This year, I am proud that I could do long division without decimals faster and better. During the Summer, my dad and mom helped me do some division problems. They explained it slowly and clearly so that I could understand. I am proud that I can do better at division now!

My Pypx Cover

This is my Pyp Exhibition cover;

My Central idea is Gender in the Middle Ages influenced their fashion and designs. First, I drew out the girl in the middle, she is the queen of the middle ages. Then I drew out a pleasant beside her for comparison. I also drew the princess so that you can see what the little girls in the Middle ages wear.

I find the dress code for Women in the middle ages un-free. It is very unfair that the girls in the Middle Ages have to cover their hair, wear long dresses and act classy… when men don’t.

I drew the servents dress very dirty and wet, that is because the women servants have to do the housework, make the meals and listen to the men in the family. I made the queen look very classy and high, so it looks like that she will scold the servant when she stands up, but I think that she actually won’t. This is to remind you that the women, especially the royal women Have To Act Classy.

Do you see the servant over there? Look at her clothes, that are ripped, torn and with mud all over it. The women in the Middle Ages are not allowed to spend too much money on clothes, because they need to be proud of their husband’s hard work. I think that it is very unfair, considering the fact that the women have so many rules that the men in the Middle Ages do not.

For covering the women’s hairs, I drew out a bandana for all of them, I even shaded all of them from dark to light.

Overall, I think that it is very unfair that the women have so much more rules that take away their freedom when men don’t, I have a question, What if the men had so many rules that Take Away Their Freedom?





他進去森林裡面,看到的他的動物也都欺負他。他很傷心。秋天到了,天氣越來越冷了,醜小鴨走到了湖邊。他看到了美麗的天鵝在湖邊上飛, 他很羨慕他們的美麗,他在湖面上游泳。醜小鴨的悲傷情緒融化在湖裡,他甚至不在乎水是冷的。最後他精疲力盡,暈倒了。有一個農夫把他救回家了。農夫工作時,他的妻子照顧好醜小鴨。他很快就成為農夫的妻子最愛的。但這個愛,讓農夫家的其他的動物很嫉妒。他們也開始取笑他。



Blog post Reflection

Today, I had coding as a class with Ms. Fung.

We learned how to use Mu editor to make flowers and patterns, it was really fun trying to make new patterns.

I started by typing Ms. Fung’s code in, then I changed the color of Ms. Fung’s code to pink and brown. In the second experiment, I changed some of the numbers and colors randomly.  Here is my result:

I did that twice and I liked my second result a lot! Here is my second result:

I wanted to learn more about how to make these patterns, so I ask Amila how she made her patterns. We shared the codes and our learning with each other so that we could develop the skills of coding. Amila taught me how to make a large flower and a spike DVD. I taught Amila to make the blue and yellow flower.

Amila also made a beautiful sunflower in python. It looked really hard to make. Amila and I made suggestions to each others code. She helped me make the flowers complete. I told her that she can make the petals of the sunflower bigger and the brown part smaller.

During this coding class, I learned a lot about coding images and that if we need help, we should ask for the help.

My Proposal Reflection

At first, I was nervous as I approached Mrs. Viv. I was scared that I might not get approved. I didn’t get approved, but I was still relieved that I could get approved after I fix my Key concepts. 

When I sat down beside Mrs. Viv, we started to talk. She started by saying hello, I did too. She then ask me if I was nervous, that calmed down because then I knew that Mrs. Viv could understand what I was feeling.

 I could actually say what I felt about my passion; Sewing and designing. Which was a pretty big improvement than the learning level I was at Last year. I think that I need to improve on focusing on a topic. Now, it’s either my topic is too small, too big or too vague.

I learned that for exhibitions, you need to focus on a small topic. It can’t be that big of a topic or vague.

I also need to hurry up, because the deadline is supposed to be today. I have no idea what to do with my topic, so now I am panicking.