Young Americans

Young Americans are awesome! Previously, Young Americans had come to our school, I had an amazing experience!

Young Americans are exciting and fun! They help encourage and help you. I was a shy person before, but now, I am braver and like to join more activities that help my courage, risk-taking, and being open-minded… I was in the Big Brains group.

In the performance, we had acting, singing, and dancing. During the performance, the order of the acts was, Opening dance, we did pretty well on the dance, but most of the people forgot what they were supposed to do. Second, we had choral singing. Which went good, because we remembered most of the lyrics and we sang with good rhythm and melody. Third, we had our acting. Acting was one of my favorite parts because it is most fun, we acted for a baseball game, boxing, and a crying baby sene. Disney was after choral, I don’t know how well it went because that was for solo only. Then, we sang Lean on me. Afterward, we had the Tradition Lion king dance. I love the Lion dance so much! Because they had an awesome tribe of music and dance.

I really liked to dance, sing, and act with the Young Americans. They’re very cheerful and encouraging towards people. I love you YA’s!


This is a photo of;

Calina photo-bombing Wyit’s singing solo.

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