STP unit’s Activist speech reflection:

I just did my activist speech yesterday, I was super nervous.

During my process, I think I did well on keeping myself on task and I also wasn’t behind on anything. I think that I could ask my friends for more help so that I could do better on my speech and be more emotional and persuasive on my presentation.

During my presentation, I was very nervous at that time, but in the end, I didn’t feel so nervous anymore. I felt normal and wasn’t stuttering anymore, which, was a good thing. I did well by talking loudly and clearly, but I think I could talk smoother and I looked a bit too much at my notecards. I had Pathos, Ethos, and stats.

Next time, I think that I should put more facts and evidence in my activist speech. I can also use more Logos too. What I found challenging was trying to remember my speech by heart, I think next time I also should practice more and find ways to remember the speech, eg: Making a story for the speech.

Overall, I was nervous at first, but better later.



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