1st Term review for grade 6

Hello, I almost finished the 1st term in grade6! I had a great time challenging myself in Math, English, and Chinese.

I gained lots of knowledge this year, but most of all, I learned most things from Math. I learned more strategies for multiplication and division.

I learned how to use;

  • An area model
  • Long division
  • Spit up then add
  • Estimating
  • Bar model
  • Number line
  • Metal math
  • Calculate in the brain
  • Standard
  • Partial Products…

I like to use the area model the best, it’s the most simple for me. It’s also easy and convenient to use an area model. This is how you can use an area model; 3456 x 234

200                                                                                            30


4    | __________3000___________________|_______________50_____________________| = _____

|___________400___________________|________________6_____________________|   =  ____                                                                                                           = _______

So 1st, you mutiply 200 & all of the other numbers in the boxs one by one, then add the answers together. Second, you mutiply 30 & all of the other numbers in the boxs one by one, then add the answers together. Third, you repeat the second step but with 4 instead of 30. With all the answers from steps 1 – 3, you add all the answers together.

This term was challenging, but challenging myself makes me learn more.

Next term, I will improve my writing. I have lots of ideas for writing, but I can’t write a lot of detail. That is because I can’t describe things very well. I can seek help from my friends, family, and teacher. Maybe next term, I can write a lot of pages!

This year, I am proud that I could do long division without decimals faster and better. During the Summer, my dad and mom helped me do some division problems. They explained it slowly and clearly so that I could understand. I am proud that I can do better at division now!

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