My Pypx Cover

This is my Pyp Exhibition cover;

My Central idea is Gender in the Middle Ages influenced their fashion and designs. First, I drew out the girl in the middle, she is the queen of the middle ages. Then I drew out a pleasant beside her for comparison. I also drew the princess so that you can see what the little girls in the Middle ages wear.

I find the dress code for Women in the middle ages un-free. It is very unfair that the girls in the Middle Ages have to cover their hair, wear long dresses and act classy… when men don’t.

I drew the servents dress very dirty and wet, that is because the women servants have to do the housework, make the meals and listen to the men in the family. I made the queen look very classy and high, so it looks like that she will scold the servant when she stands up, but I think that she actually won’t. This is to remind you that the women, especially the royal women Have To Act Classy.

Do you see the servant over there? Look at her clothes, that are ripped, torn and with mud all over it. The women in the Middle Ages are not allowed to spend too much money on clothes, because they need to be proud of their husband’s hard work. I think that it is very unfair, considering the fact that the women have so many rules that the men in the Middle Ages do not.

For covering the women’s hairs, I drew out a bandana for all of them, I even shaded all of them from dark to light.

Overall, I think that it is very unfair that the women have so much more rules that take away their freedom when men don’t, I have a question, What if the men had so many rules that Take Away Their Freedom?

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