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Today, I had coding as a class with Ms. Fung.

We learned how to use Mu editor to make flowers and patterns, it was really fun trying to make new patterns.

I started by typing Ms. Fung’s code in, then I changed the color of Ms. Fung’s code to pink and brown. In the second experiment, I changed some of the numbers and colors randomly.  Here is my result:

I did that twice and I liked my second result a lot! Here is my second result:

I wanted to learn more about how to make these patterns, so I ask Amila how she made her patterns. We shared the codes and our learning with each other so that we could develop the skills of coding. Amila taught me how to make a large flower and a spike DVD. I taught Amila to make the blue and yellow flower.

Amila also made a beautiful sunflower in python. It looked really hard to make. Amila and I made suggestions to each others code. She helped me make the flowers complete. I told her that she can make the petals of the sunflower bigger and the brown part smaller.

During this coding class, I learned a lot about coding images and that if we need help, we should ask for the help.

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