My Goals for Oct – January

Hello, today I am going to tell you guys about my goals for this year 2019.

I think that maybe I could improve on my inquirer skill with my listening skills, because I am a bit nervous sometimes and don’t answer question a lot. Sometimes, if I sit far away from the speaker, I can’t really hear what they say.  I think that if I answer a least one question per day, then that means that I am better at inquirer and listening. I will achieve that goal by raising my hand when I know the answer of the question.

I think that i could use some practice on writing new words and writing more descriptively too. I think that I will know that I achieved that goal when I can write more and more details that will make readers interested in the topic and when I write more new words. I will achieve my second goal by reading more Nancy Clancy books, because they have a lot fancy new words. They also show what the fancy words they just said means. So I think that it can help me with writing.


This is what I am going to work on this year.

Kinetic sand experiment

I thought that the slimy soap will make the kinetic sand feel rather jiggly and slippery. The foam soap will make the sand fluffy and foamy. The Liquid soap will make it more wet and soft.But it is not real. 

The foam soap was our first experiment. It failed, I think that the foam soap failed because there were essential oil in foam soap and essential oil makes things liquidy. Our second experiment was Liquid soap, it worked for one day and dried out on the next day. The last experiment was the most successful one. Because the kinetic sand was like oobleck and it was soft and sandy. But like the second experiment, the kinetic sand dried out, but still was a bit soft.   

Amila and I followed the steps well. First, we added 3 cups of sand. Second, we added 2 cups of cornstarch. Then, we added 1 cup of soapy water. Fourth, we added food coloring. Last but not least, we mixed it together.

But on the first and second time we made the kinetic sand, the sand dried out or was to liquidy. Amila and I think that it is because that we added the soapy water before the cornstach. But when we tried that way for the third experiment, the sand felt like ooblic and was liquid when you hold it for a long time, and into solid when it is moved very fast. Still, on the next day, the sand dried and it was green and there was a lot of mold. It smelled like moldy rotten oat meal!

We can maybe improve on adding 3 cups only of sand and 2 cups of cornstarch, because Amila and I kind of added the ingredients in the container randomly.

I also think that our experiment of kinetic sand didn’t work, because I got the sand from the beach, so it was rocky. The molecules of the sand mixed with the molecules of the soapy water. I think that there is a substance in sand that soaks up water like sponges can. Sponges soaks water because of the holes between the fibers soak up the water and cause the fibrous material itself to swell. This prevents the water from sloshing right back out of the sponge. Instead, the water is trapped inside until the sponge is forcibly squeezed. 

I think that Amila and I was actually doing pretty well for our first try of making kinetic sand.


Home learning

Today, I presented my Home learning to my class, because it was Friday. I did Mystery numbers, Reading a varieties of genres and Science experiment part 2. I choose these as my Home learning because I wanted to learn more about facts of numbers, How to not read the same kinds of books and Reflect on my experiment.

I also shared these home learning so other people can learn about facts of the number 8 and how I plan to read more kinds of books, also how I felt about my epic science fail.

I think next time I can talk louder to my group and be more descriptive. But I think it also went smoothly without me having to stop talking.

Science experiments

At school yesterday we made lava lamps with our buddy’s, my partner to work with is Abby. To make a lava lamp you need:

  1. Oil
  2. Water
  3. Food coloring
  4. Plastic cup

We made a purple one with our buddy’s and in the sheet that we got and wrote down our hypothesize, answer, during the experiment and Conclusion.

This experiment was really fun and exiting it was fun to see what will happen because this experiment is very new to me I hope to do something like this later on in the year.


We also talked about questions of the experiment and answered them. The buddy’s asked us if they could eat the Alka Seltzer?




除非我需要回答問題或只是和朋友交談,否則我不會說那麼多話… 我可以很容易地原諒別人,畢竟沒有人是完美的。如果我的班級有新學生,我通常會和他們交談並成為他們的新導遊。我也對很多人很友好。當其他人需要幫助時,我盡我所能幫助他們。當我需要等待很長時間,沒有任何東西可讀或玩。我有時會發火,但不長久。

我喜歡藝術。例如:表演,唱歌,繪畫或拍攝…… 我參加中國繪畫課,週末我唱歌,當我想在相機上獲得一個好角度時拍照。




Science experiment

Today, I did a few sciences experiments with some of my classmates. My favorite is the station where we figured out that vinegar and baking soda together can blow up a whole ballon! I also loved learning that if you pour water, oil and food coloring together, the oil goes on top, the colors go to the bottom. That is when you poke the ball of food coloring with a wooden stick. I am so far in love with science!!!


blog post

你好博客,今天我將在MA Perp的第三個單元中談論我的中文課。我覺得我做了第三個單位沒關係,我想我在[父親和女兒]談話測試中做得最好,但我需要更詳細地談談。


Reflection 2 link


HWEO Reflection #2

Sit down, relax and let your mind reflect on the HWEO unit and our Fashion Design Project.  Use the following questions to prompt your thinking.


Lines of Inquiry:

 -Elements of design

 -How functionality and appeal influence design

 -What makes a good design

 -Ways to adapt designs to increase aesthetic appeal


1.What does the Central Idea mean to you?

Thinking about what the design will look after they added the details.


2.Think of the key concept FORM. Explain how FORM influenced how you designed and what you designed.

My group choose nature for our theme, I like that idea because I like to be in nature.


3.Think of the key concept PERSPECTIVE.  Explain how PERSPECTIVE influenced how you designed and what you designed.

I designed a headpiece with fake leaves and scrap fabric on it.


4.Think of the key concept CONNECTION. Explain how CONNECTION influenced how you designed and what you designed.

I have seen leaf crown online so I decided to make one.