Chemistry Reflection

During this project we learned how to use certain techniques and skills to separate the components of the mixture. We first created a flow chart to give an idea of which components the separation techniques will separate.  We used  hand separation, skimming, filtration, magnetic separation and evaporation. Our mixture was made up of, iron filings, salt, water, plastic, oil and sand. Some components were easy to separate like plastic. But, some components were significantly harder to separate like sand and oil. We made use of prior knowledge and skills. One skill that we made use of was physical and chemical properties. This allowed us to know which and how to separate the components. The density of certain objects also allowed us to know what to do first and what to do last. There was some techniques in the project that was more sophisticated and more efficient. While, some techniques were simple and took a lot of time. This allowed us to get a better understanding of how to separate oil spills in the future. Oil spills are important to know how to separate as they are very damaging to people and the environment.

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Science G8 Unit 1 Reflection

In the first unit we learned about how to write lab reports about the experiments we did in class. This helped me to understand how to make people understand the experiment I did. This can be used in the future to help people to understand my long experiments in a simple way. During the unit we also learned about aerodynamics. We learned about motion and how it changes depending on what you do to it. For example, for the pendulum experiment I learned how the weight makes the pendulum go slightly slower.

I learned also about the different variables in the experiment. This is important to identify so you know how to deal with it in the experiment. Independent variables is what you change and don’t keep the same. This helps to get results of the experiment. The dependent variable is the way to get results from changing the independent variables. Without the dependent variable there is not relationship with the independent variable which ruins the point of an experiment.

All the parts of the lab report were important in their own way to talk about the whole process of the experiment and every step done. This was the main part of the unit.


Ecology Grade 7 Reflection

Ecosystems are important for the world and us as humans. These species in ecosystems overall in a way work together to keep everything in place. Once one species is extinct, the whole ecosystem can get affected. Once climate or weather affects the ecosystem species will start to be endangered as they can’t adapt to it. I also learned about how biodiversity helps us in some way I didn’t know of. For example, biodiversity can help us with food so that we can survive. Humans on the other hand are supposed to be helping but instead damaging biodiversity. Cutting trees, using pesticides and more are all reasons why in lots of ecosystems around the world there is a decline in biodiversity.

I worked on many projects during this unit. One of them was a poster of an ecosystem. The ecosystem that I researched was the Daintree Rainforest. I went online and I looked for sources to get information out of. This is a popular tourist attraction for people who like nature. Thus, variety of sources with tons of insight. This is same for the presentation I did acid rain with someone. It was a fun project and you can learn a lot. Like from the formula to the impacts. The strategies I used to prepare for the quiz was to go on classroom. From there I went to a google doc with a biodiversity vocabulary sheet. I just kept on practicing from there till I got the hang of the words.

I communicated with the grade 4s by learning what they like and how to make our activities fun for them. We had many activities so as a group we decided to do 2 activities the same and 1 different depending on the group. We collaborated well with deciding roles and allowing people to do what is most effective to finish making our activities. We were effective in most ways by letting the grade 4s feel good and relaxed about kahoot. Then we did a presentation to teach them the answers from kahoot. Next, we either did a crossword puzzle activity and matching activity. We gave candies to the winners allowing for the children to be happy and try their best. The only main problem I had is it wasn’t as competitive as the other groups did for their activities. This caused for some students not to care as much. This unit was decent with its projects but can be better with experiments.

Science Cardboard Reflection


My goal was to create a chair comfortable with a shelf equipped somewhere on the side to put books and laptops. Also, my other goal was for this chair to be put in the library so reader can enjoy their books and put in on the shelf when they are not using it. This was my goal because I think chairs overall can be improved and be more useful. Throughout me working I slowly was working trough each problem. During the time when I was on test number 2 to 3 I created a goal to myself. This was to try to consume less time in the final structure. This is why the desk with the chair wasn’t going to be the best idea. When I was working on my final structure I started off slow but I went faster and faster saving more and more time.

How did I use Science

I learned that you should make easier structures better than making harder structures worse. My original plan was to create a chair with a desk but the desk would be too hard to incorporate inside the chair. I eventually changed it to shelf and chair

I experimented with changing the independent variable. From the number of corrugation pieces to the thickness of it. I tested out the weight to see if the paper can hold about 1 kilogram. I kept on trying to put more corrugation and finally I put the right number so it was able to hold about 1 kilogram so for the final structure when I actually create with cardboard the seat can hold people.

I used the results with Justin’s. We exchanged ideas leading up to the shelf and chair idea. Building this was not too hard for us and it is good that it is not too complication. In my opinion there was limited time so for it to be so complicated would be a big struggle.


I improved in many ways as a learner.

Throughout the whole process I have identified quite a few problems. Every new test prototype I fixed the problem but there were still more left. For example, in test #2 the corrugation wasn’t that good. So for test #3 I   focused more on corrugation so it became better.             

I have also gone through different problems like deciding what will go well with a chair. It was either going to be a shelf or desk. My partner and I went through many discussions and came up that a shelf would be significantly better.

Another way I improved taking ideas and thinking about them and how it could work in your structure. When we were doing rotations during science class, there was a rotation where you had to look at the link. I pressed on it and it showed me famous people designs of structures. One of them amazed me so much I took the idea of adding something onto a chair which overall improved the function of the chair.

As I partially said before, throughout this whole project I started working more efficiently because of limited time. To be honest, I didn’t have a system of managing my time so I just speeded up my pace to be able to finish my cardboard structure.