The Instrument of my Choosing

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I really loved the way of how the flute plays with its nice and variety of sounds. It is at a good level because it is difficult and it will seem like a pretty good challenge to me. The clarinet also looks good because it is similar to the flute but has small differences like the flute is a reedless instrument but the clarinet is not. Overall they are still both really good in my opinion.

Flute Sounds

The way the flute sounds is very pleasant.

Clarinet Sounds

The clarinet sounds good to my ears but in a different way. For example, the flute is more calm.

How to put the flute together

How to put the clarinet together

How to play the flute for first timers

This kind of gave me an idea of how to play the flute

How to play the clarinet for first timers

This video also gave me a small understanding of what to do.