La Vie Scolaire

What I learned-

Factual- How can I express my needs in a classroom setting? How can I use french in situations related to school?

I learned school subjects, time, places, adjectives related to verbs, reviewed verbs, reviewed connecting verbs

I can use french when I am in a foreign school where one of the main languages is french. I can use it to talk to people in french. This will allow me to talk with a more variety of people in school. This can also help me in future schools

Conceptual- The organization of our school and our curriculum is influenced by the socio-economic and the cultural background of our community

I don’t think the parents need to influence the school as it is very international. Most people in the school is higher class so they won’t have much influence. It allows different types of students to do good in the school. The curriculum is also good because it grade 12 there is two diplomas of which you can graduate with.

Debatable-What’s the perfect school system

The perfect school system is one where the curriculum is very good so students can go to colllege or universiy at a very high level. It is also a neat and tidy school with a nice and friendly community. This will have a very positive influence.





Unite 2 – Portrait de famile
Global Context : Identities and Relationships
Statement Inquiry : Our family and the people around us contribute to our own individual indentity

Criteria C and D

Communication : Present orally and visually a description of my family

Organization : Balance each slide with information and photos

Time Management : Manage time and meet deadline

Being Resourceful : Using resources in order to be successfull

Parlez-vous fran├žais (Unit 1 Reflection)

Statement of Inquiry

The connection between the mother tongue and other languages enables people to develop skills and knowledge in language and acquire new languages.

I find english as my mother tongue helpful in french. Lots of words in french are similar to words in english making it easier.


How can I use my knowledge of English to learn French? How can I introduce myself in French?

I can use english words that sound like french words and use them. For example, I know portrait de famille sounds like portrait of the family. Another example is, lettre in french means letter in english.


How are languages linked to one another?

Languages are linked because some languages are based of other. Like lots of European languages are based of Latin.


Does learning a new language make my mother tongue stronger?

With pronunciation and grammar french and english is similar. This will help me say words in french. Also, in french there is commas and most of the same punctuation in english.