Reflection of Yangshuo Experience Week Trip

The experience week trip was pretty fun. The activities were in logical order which makes it better for the students. The activities were also very interesting and fun. Caving was cool with the rivers and the bats on the ceilings. Biking was fun because we got to bike on the main road and on muddy areas. Cooking helped me to learn how to make chinese foods like dumplings and noodles. We also had good meals. We had a western and chinese breakfast. There were many options. The lunch was okay. The dinner was good with its food. I enjoyed the free time part. It allowed me to explore Yangshuo with my friends some days. I also got to relax when I am tired. The time and the layout of the trip was pretty good except for the first couple of days. The time we had to wake up at was bit early. But it was still a good time to make it to breakfast. The instructors from the company made the experience so much better. They were very engaging and willing to help you out at any time. Even when it is hard. The debrief and the end of the day was decent. It help to understand the positives and negative and who we appreciate. The announcements were extremely helpful though.