Chinese Unit 2 Reflection

I was well prepared for the Crit C and D but not Crit A. For the Crit C and D I practised the format to make sure the date is on the left and the weather is on the right. I also studied key words to help me when trying to create sentences on the assessment. The Crit A I didn’t study hard enough and I didn’t really understand what the video was talking about.

In Crit C and D I did okay with getting a 4 and 5 which is a huge improvement compared to my other chinese assessments. I learned how to use phrases we learned in classes with basic knowledge to create a chinese piece about how I feel about Canada and what I did there and how did I travel.

I have shown the most growth in writing. I improved on basic Chinese characters. I started to lean by trying hard in class and going to the lunch revision classes. This will help me not stay behind.

I still need to work on many things. One of them is I need to be able to write chinese characters based off the pinyin. I really struggle writing chinese characters based off, of how people in videos are talking. I also struggle when saying chinese characters. I can work on memorising chinese vocabulary.

I can work on talking less in class to understand what the teacher is talking about better. This will help when learning phrases that are relevant to the topic. Understanding these will give me an advantage towards other students who don’t really focus in class.