Deisgn Through the Lens Reflection

In this project we learned about a specific part about CDNIS. For us we learned about the arts of holidays. Holidays are a very important of CDNIS, without holidays we won’t have any breaks from work. There are times where we don’t know when holidays and why they are they. This is why we created a video to address this information.

The limitations of our final product was the narration that didn’t make sense at some parts. For example when we were describing a picture it would not really relate which would make it confusing. The music should have been more quiet so the narration can be more loud and easier to hear. Another limitation was some missing holidays. One of them was the summer holidays which should have been at the end.

The narration could have louder volume talking by talking louder through quicktime player. We could double check the video to make sure they relate and the pictures match at the right time to make the video seem more well done. This would make the video more professional and easier to understand the story. The story can be more planned out and more scenes added so there is more detail. That is what was also lacking.

Humanities G8 Unit 1 Food Presentation

During my time working on the project I faced many challenges but also many things that I did well. Through my action plan I learned that I was well organised and well prepared for the presentation. I first started off doing the simple tasks like creating a folder for noodletools and google drive.

During the research stage I came across some difficulties relating to how good and reliable are my sources and if I can even find sources. This is why I needed to be more open to different sources. Creating the slides was not too hard but the images were hard to get so I could have used less specific images. Memorising or practicing what to say for the presentation was the hardest part as I get very stressed presenting to other people. This is why next time I should take it more calm and focus more on speaking from knowledge.

Science G8 Unit 1 Reflection

In the first unit we learned about how to write lab reports about the experiments we did in class. This helped me to understand how to make people understand the experiment I did. This can be used in the future to help people to understand my long experiments in a simple way. During the unit we also learned about aerodynamics. We learned about motion and how it changes depending on what you do to it. For example, for the pendulum experiment I learned how the weight makes the pendulum go slightly slower.

I learned also about the different variables in the experiment. This is important to identify so you know how to deal with it in the experiment. Independent variables is what you change and don’t keep the same. This helps to get results of the experiment. The dependent variable is the way to get results from changing the independent variables. Without the dependent variable there is not relationship with the independent variable which ruins the point of an experiment.

All the parts of the lab report were important in their own way to talk about the whole process of the experiment and every step done. This was the main part of the unit.


Innovation Fair G7

In the innovation fair we had a week to create a project that helps to fix everyday problems. The 1st idea that we came up with is a bookstand that helps to pull your book to the bed but it was in a way already created so we had to go with a new idea. Then one of my group members came up with the idea to create an umbrella that filters rainwater. This is the idea we created our project based off of. We started off working on a paper trying to create our proposal. When we were writing it was a bit hard but then we were at a good pace. Starting off with prototype 1 we created a tube as a handle then created the top which then broke due to durability issues. When we were working on prototype 2 we fixed the issues and created a really good product. This was finally showcased in the exhibition where we had to talk about our project.

There are many strengths like being able to combine them to make sure there is less flaws in the product. It also helps to understand the other subject better and how it relates. Another strength is you learn more about how it is useful in real life and when it is a good time to use the subject. There are also some weaknesses when it comes to using more than 1 subject. You have to learn how to incorporate it inside your project and how it will be able to be used.

Prototype 1 to Prototype 2

English- The Outsiders Unit

Conceptual – What creates a sense of belonging?

Belonging is very important in the outsiders novel. The characters in the novel all feel together as they are in a gang. This is what helps them to feel close. When someone in the gang is injured or at risk at dying they help them to feel as good as they can  be. The main thing that the creates a sense of belonging is a way how people are together and care for each other. Without this people can feel sad and not feel happy.