Final Product – Arts Sculpture

In this assignment I learned many things about combining different subjects to produce a quality piece of work. For example, in this scenario I used a poem for my english assignment, which is my perspective of Hong Kong. I illustrated this perspective by creating a sculpture that visually describes it. My perspective was of Hong Kong’s LED on buildings. I had a negative tone, so I didn’t try to make the artwork look too positive. The title of my artwork is called Hong Kong’s Brightness That Fades Away. Generally, I still added many buildings including the ICC and IFC to show the true feel of Hong Kong for me. Additionally, we added a river in the middle of Kowloon and Hong Kong Island. There were many buildings on the side with a lot of LED representing the sheer amount of LED on buildings in Hong Kong.  We had some basic houses which had a design that was similar to a chimney. It says Hong Kong in English and in Chinese. Due to the lack of time, we tried to make it look nice, but at the same time simple. Another main flaw was because of limited time some buildings aren’t going up perfectly straight. The process was a good experience , but somewhat confusing. We started off finding a good image of Hong Kong for reference. Then we all made our drawings of it. We chose the best one, but we used everyone’s ideas to produce the final artwork.  We got cardboard as our base, then newspaper and normal paper for our buildings. The newspaper was for the base of buildings and normal paper was for the cover. The newspaper wasn’t that stable, so I felt that we could have used a better base material. Nevertheless my group and I learned a lot from this project. Overall, this was a fun assignment that incorporated many of my skills.