English/Arts Crit C/D Reflection

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Pranay Jain
How well did you communicate your experience as a Hong Konger? *
I communicated my experience as a Hong Konger through the use of a sculpture and a poem. By sculpture our group used my poem to create a visual image of how Hong Kong looks in my perspective. We used LED and the different tourist attractions like the ICC and IFC to get an understanding of what Hong Kong is like. I had a negative tone in my sculpture as I somewhat didn’t try to make it look amazing. After moving from Canada, Hong Kong was much worse in my opinion which explains the negative tone and the tall buildings with LED.
How would you describe your personal success as an interdisciplinary learner? *
I would describe myself successful as an interdisciplinary learner in many different ways. One way is how I always manage time and combine subjects to further advance my knowledge in a certain area. Every subject has a relation to each other, and taking advantage of it benefitted my greatly, explaining my success as an interdisciplinary learner. I generally put effort into every subject, allowing me to see the possibilities for me as an interdisciplinary learner.
How would you describe benefits of the interdisciplinary unit with specific examples. *
There are many benefits of the interdisciplinary unit. One advantage is understanding how to use different subjects to expand the possibilites of what you can do in each subject. For example, if you learn how to make formulas easier to remember in science, you can transfer it to math in order to memorise formulas that will be needed in tests and assignments. Another positive is being able to combine all the skills learned in each subject to produce a high quality work. For instance, learning how to make a song in music, edit a video in design/drama can allow you to create a really good video that has great music.
What were the limitations of the interdisciplinary unit? Give specific examples… *
There are also some limitations when it comes to the interdisciplinary unit. A limitation is the shortage of time. Using a lot of different skills requires more time to be given as it uses the knowledge of more than one subject. For example, creating a sculpture with music on the side takes longer than just making a sculpture. Additionally, with the limited time it is hard to make something excellent. This is because it is hard to know what to focus on, because the projects relies on more than one subject.
Grade yourself using the IDU Specifications. Easy if you have followed the above instructions!
Communication of the interdisciplinary theme.
Personal success as a interdisciplinary learner.
Benefits of the interdisciplinary unit with specific examples.
Limitations of the interdisciplinary unit with specific examples.
Self assess using the Crit. C rubric (question 1) *

Self assess using the Crit. D rubric (Question 2-4) *

Project Genesis Audio and Reflection

This is my mashup using 4 different songs, all around 100 tempo.\

Explain the step by step process of this assignment… *

The first step for this assignment was to choose which direction you wanted your song to be. It could have been either a mashup or playing an instrument. Next, in my case I had to choose 4 or more different songs for the assignment. Then, we had to convert all these songs and put them in garageband. After that, matching the tempo independently and with all the songs combined is required. Using one of the songs as a beat was my step after as it helps my song to get a rhythm. I used one of the other songs as my main song and cut other songs and placed them throughout the song. I didn’t use plugins for this assignment because when I tried it didn’t sound right.


Assess your success against your must haves and desirable qualities from your proposal… *
My success was okay as I followed most of my must haves and some of my desirable qualities. I didn’t use plugins in which if I knew how to use could have made my song more effective. In my last project I used plugins which made my song sound more professional. I did has a slight fast transition which helped more to connect the piece and not sound out of beat. Overall, I had some success, but if I put more effort I could have gotten a better result. I had many challenges that should have been fixed earlier but I did it while doing the actual mashup.


Evaluate your learning and new skills acquired. *
The amount I learned this rotation was significantly better than what I first anticipated. I learned new skills such as plugins which is a major part of modern day music. It helps to distort music to create better sounds. Another important skill I learned is using loops. Loops are small bits of sound that can create mixed emotions for the listener. They are extremely helpful when transitioning from song to song in this assignment. The final major skill I learned is using tempo to change how fast a song can be. In this case I used it to make all songs have the same pace.


What challenges did you face and overcome. *
I faced many challenges during this assignment. One of the major challenges I faced during this assignment is choosing the right songs. It was hard because I didn’t want the songs to be too old or new. I also didn’t want the songs to be too far of a tempo so that when the tempo is changed overall it dosen’t sound weird. Another challenge I faced during this assignment is using small bits of the songs. It was difficult as the songs, in my opinion did not sound good if the part was too small. I overcame choosing the songs by thinking about songs that I know that have slow tempo and somewhat popular. I honestly didn’t make it past the small bits part, but instead just ignoring it.




Humanities G8 Unit 1 Food Presentation

During my time working on the project I faced many challenges but also many things that I did well. Through my action plan I learned that I was well organised and well prepared for the presentation. I first started off doing the simple tasks like creating a folder for noodletools and google drive.

During the research stage I came across some difficulties relating to how good and reliable are my sources and if I can even find sources. This is why I needed to be more open to different sources. Creating the slides was not too hard but the images were hard to get so I could have used less specific images. Memorising or practicing what to say for the presentation was the hardest part as I get very stressed presenting to other people. This is why next time I should take it more calm and focus more on speaking from knowledge.

Science G8 Unit 1 Reflection

In the first unit we learned about how to write lab reports about the experiments we did in class. This helped me to understand how to make people understand the experiment I did. This can be used in the future to help people to understand my long experiments in a simple way. During the unit we also learned about aerodynamics. We learned about motion and how it changes depending on what you do to it. For example, for the pendulum experiment I learned how the weight makes the pendulum go slightly slower.

I learned also about the different variables in the experiment. This is important to identify so you know how to deal with it in the experiment. Independent variables is what you change and don’t keep the same. This helps to get results of the experiment. The dependent variable is the way to get results from changing the independent variables. Without the dependent variable there is not relationship with the independent variable which ruins the point of an experiment.

All the parts of the lab report were important in their own way to talk about the whole process of the experiment and every step done. This was the main part of the unit.


3-D Printing 4th Design Project Cycle

Design Process

Stage 1

The goal of this project is to create a cube with writing on it. This will seem pleasing if created right. I will try to research apps and websites that will be useful in creating the cube.

Image result for 3d printing cubes

I like the design because it is simple and the fill density was a good amount. I wish a different colour was used so it would be easier to see. What if they did it again and used blue instead of white.

Image result for simple 3d printing designs

I like the design by the amount of detail and how it was created very smoothly. I wish the roof of the house can be the same colour as the rest of the house. What if they put different colour pieces of paper on it.

Stage 2

For the 3d printing i will use 50% fill  and the cube tool to make a cube. This kind of how it will look like except there will be writing over it. it will be 1-2 letters.

Stage 3


Step 1: Ask to use 3-d printer after school (3:00pm)

Step 2: Get the sd card to put into the computer

Step 3: Upload the fie

Step 4: Do the printing by monitoring it

Stage 4:


Music Criteria Di, Dii All The Small Things

Identify connections between art forms, art and context, or art and prior learning.
Recognise that the world contains inspiration or influence for art.
What was the inspiration for this song choice? *
I wanted to do a song piece that was somewhat old and on of the more popular songs at that time. I wanted to choose something that was not too hard but not too easy. I really enjoy the tone and pitch of the song. It is more energetic and exciting which I really enjoy about it. The main reason I chose this song because it was in the song book. When I found it in the song book I knew it was a reliable and very good song. I needed a pace that was not too fast which also made this song of my best options in the song book.
How did your music classes as well as your previous music session and assignment prepare you for this assignment? *
I felt very prepared in garageband and the task I had to complete. The only part where I didn’t feel too prepared with is using the digital instrument to make the piece sound better. It felt tough in some parts. The first music session I felt I was just learning the basics so I could play the more easier songs. It teached me a lot  in terms of what is needed to play the ukulele effectively. The second session it felt more in-depth with the ukulele and helped me play those harder songs. Overall, I learned a lot in my first session and somewhat of the second session which helped me to feel mostly prepared for this summative.

Chinese Unit 2 Reflection

I was well prepared for the Crit C and D but not Crit A. For the Crit C and D I practised the format to make sure the date is on the left and the weather is on the right. I also studied key words to help me when trying to create sentences on the assessment. The Crit A I didn’t study hard enough and I didn’t really understand what the video was talking about.

In Crit C and D I did okay with getting a 4 and 5 which is a huge improvement compared to my other chinese assessments. I learned how to use phrases we learned in classes with basic knowledge to create a chinese piece about how I feel about Canada and what I did there and how did I travel.

I have shown the most growth in writing. I improved on basic Chinese characters. I started to lean by trying hard in class and going to the lunch revision classes. This will help me not stay behind.

I still need to work on many things. One of them is I need to be able to write chinese characters based off the pinyin. I really struggle writing chinese characters based off, of how people in videos are talking. I also struggle when saying chinese characters. I can work on memorising chinese vocabulary.

I can work on talking less in class to understand what the teacher is talking about better. This will help when learning phrases that are relevant to the topic. Understanding these will give me an advantage towards other students who don’t really focus in class.


Parlez-vous français (Unit 1 Reflection)

Statement of Inquiry

The connection between the mother tongue and other languages enables people to develop skills and knowledge in language and acquire new languages.

I find english as my mother tongue helpful in french. Lots of words in french are similar to words in english making it easier.


How can I use my knowledge of English to learn French? How can I introduce myself in French?

I can use english words that sound like french words and use them. For example, I know portrait de famille sounds like portrait of the family. Another example is, lettre in french means letter in english.


How are languages linked to one another?

Languages are linked because some languages are based of other. Like lots of European languages are based of Latin.


Does learning a new language make my mother tongue stronger?

With pronunciation and grammar french and english is similar. This will help me say words in french. Also, in french there is commas and most of the same punctuation in english.

VR video promo

Link to VR Movie: https://youtu.be/Di2dQAfXy0g


In what ways did you create a successful VR video promo?

I created a successful VR video promo because I had my video represent effort which is what my logo was about. I showed different flags of countries to show globally everyone should give their best effort. The timing was good so I wasn’t there for too long closing the Ricoh Theta or starting the recording. Viewers said that it was too long because my video was 24 seconds when it was supposed to be 15. Then, I changed my video to around 15 seconds making it around the time you’re supposed to have your video last for.


What improvements would you make to you VR video promo?

My video could have been wider to show more than just flags. This will give viewers impressions that there is more to giving it all rather than showing flags. Also, my logo could have been placed better. I put it behind the main stairwell on the 10th floor. This just covered something that looked interesting relating to the video. But, because of my logo that small area looks a bit odd.