P.E Capoeira Reflection


Background: For Criteria B Assessment the student must explain the effectiveness of the plan to improve by identifying which parts of the plan were well designed ( which changes worked ) and which ones were not ( which changes did not work).

Action: Watch the video of your final performance. Refer to the Criterion C Rubric to:

Link to Video: https://drive.google.com/file/d/16cVwBjWu-7FzPlTHtsS-t-ze25rkSbZa/view


  1. Explain which parts of the plan were well designed. Which parts of your plan were you most happy/proud of and why?

I was happy with the part of the plan which includes the creative portion. This is very important as that needed the most improvement. This helped us to perform a better creative portion which is very important towards the rubric. I was also happy with our first step because before we were way more sloppy. The way we showed our moves before were rough. We needed to take it slower to understand the problems better and focus instead of wasting time. During the performance we were able to be at a better pace. This sometimes was in sync with the music.

2. Explain which parts of the plan were not well designed. Which parts of your plan were you not happy with and why?

I was not happy with the part about the timing. I thought we would have enough time to start getting our movement with the beat. The creative and the compulsory portion needed way too much work that we couldn’t come around to it. We were pretty behind when there was only 2 classes left to perform our Capoeira. This really affected our performance as especially in the creative portion we messed up the last two moves which was very bad.

3. Explain how you would change the plan to improve it. If you were to do it again, what would you change in your plan and why?

I would change the plan by also organize when I will do the certain tasks so I don’t have to deal with the timing problem. I would not include the timing part because it will take lots of effort and time to get the rhythm. I would also change the first step to be the compulsory part. This is because our cadeiras were not that good. It is important to do well in this which we did not do.


PE Skills That Are Helpful



  1. Many skills are helpful in my everyday life. One of them is the ability to communicate with my team members. This will help with some group projects and group work. Another skill I got is planning what to do before hand. In some subjects when there is an assignment I am going to work on I should create  mini plan to what I will do to be successful.