English- The Outsiders Unit

Conceptual – What creates a sense of belonging?

Belonging is very important in the outsiders novel. The characters in the novel all feel together as they are in a gang. This is what helps them to feel close. When someone in the gang is injured or at risk at dying they help them to feel as good as they can  be. The main thing that the creates a sense of belonging is a way how people are together and care for each other. Without this people can feel sad and not feel happy.

English Unit 3 PT Reflection

How does the poetic devices affect the audience?

Poetic devices affect the audience in many ways. One of them is feelings. Poems have poetic devices that can deeply show how the author was feeling. This helps you to understand how the audience can feel for the author or what it is about. For example if the author uses the metaphor he is a strong lion. This can prove that he is passionate about the person. The author also has a feeling about the person that he is powerful and strong and is fearless. Poetic devices can also affect by teaching the audience life lessons. It helps them in not ideal situations and what to do. It tells about how to be a better and improved person. For example if the author uses words that really impact how the audience thinks. When they are out in the world they would think differently in the situation.

Did any of the poems you read about family help you to understand your own family or other people’s family in a different way?

Poems about family really had an effect about my daily life and what I do. They make me think what I should be doing and how I should react. I should be more thankful for what I get and appreciate my sibling and parents. For example for my poetry box I did a poem called “Those Winter Sundays”. This poem is about a child who is the author realising what the father did and what his father gone through. It also talks about in winter as a harsh condition. The father stills goes and works hard to make money to support his family. This helped me to understand what I should be doing for my parents to make their lives better and easier. This is because of how much they are doing for me already.

Some of you may have started the unit not liking poetry too much. If that is the case, do you have a more positive attitude toward poetry now? Why or why not?

When the unit started I was a little bit nervous to what I will expect for the new unit. To me I first thought poetry is supposed to be  more heartwarming towards other people. Later I realised the endless possibilities in poetry. You can be as creative as you want compared to other writing styles. I have eventually led up to a point where I enjoy listening to a variety of poems and trying to figure out why it was created and the deep meaning behind the poem. Poems always has something new for you to learn. Even if you read the same poem twice you will get a new perspective towards it. With the units I had a good time creating connections and how they are all really related. Overall, poetry is a huge range with poems that can give you a variety of feelings. This is what gives me a positive attitude towards poetry.

English Short Story Unit

The english short story was a very interesting unit. This unit showed me possibilities and opportunities. For example, a person stuck in war dealing with issues and trying to help his family.

If I had to choose any short story it would have to be metamorphosis. This story had great content of how a child turns into an insect. This amazing story talks about how he deals with problems of being an insect. Eventually, leading to his father by accident killing him.

The big challenge was creating a significant plot. With so limited words problems because small issues. The only time where you can spend a lot of words in is the main conflict which needs lots of words to be good. Another major problem I had is revealing character. I used it but it wasn’t that effective so the two characters didn’t have much going for them.

I learned that many things can happen even if it is unexpected or won’t happen. I also learned how to use Freytag’s pyramid to create a story that really gets the viewers engaged in the story.

Yes, it changes how I see life. Like in the metamorphosis it shows what can happen. Even though it is not realistic horrific things can happen. This made me change how I think of people, societies and communities

My Amazing Utopian Community

My utopian community will seem outstanding with its colourful colours and the way people in the community do and how the community runs. It will be the size of around Toronto, not too big not too small. In my world there not too many people are bad. There are jobs but you don’t have to work for too many hours.  People will just be enjoying their life with other people by going to parties or each others houses. Food will be in stores and provided by people who like being in the food department.

There is a government in this community though but everyone is very selfless so that is why many things are free. There are law enforcers and a senate. This is to pass laws to the president. There are three courts one major and two minor. Whenever someone does something bad they go to the court and the court decides their punishment. There are some more severe punishments for laws like “any sort of violence will not be tolerated” or “Robbery will cause jail time”.

Great education will be free in this community allowing children to strive even if they don’t have too much money to. There are 3 curriculums to choose from, easy, medium and hard and all curriculum will be delivered efficiently. Subjects are based on interests and you can choose subjects based on what you prefer. This will help because when the kids get older they can enjoy their job and work with a good attitude and at the same time help the community. There will be 5 gigantic school that can take about 10 000 students.

Families are expected by the government to have a day of only family life so the parents and the kids will have a very good relationship. Husband can choose who they want to marry and same for the wives. The mom or the dad can work or stay home it depends on how their family want to do it. The number of kids can be chosen by the parents because some parents would rather take care of more kids.

Housing is very stabilised in the community. There are 1 garage, 2 garage and 3 garage houses. It is optional to what you want to choose. All the 1 garage houses are the same price and so is the 2 garage and 3 garage houses. The different neighbours will carry nice welcoming people. For the houses the designs are different though but not the amount of square feet.

In this community there are 2 seasons winter and summer. In summer it reaches to max 20 degrees celsius and in winter negative 5 degrees max. There are a huge variety of species some like the summer time some like the winter time but most of them are not poisonous. There are no pets in the community because majority of people think it is cruel.

Kids and parents like to hang out with their friend and enjoy in the different places like the mall or bowling. The fee to play these games and sports and buy food is low because there way too many kids coming to something like the mall so the fee does not have to be that high. Parties are hosted often by all different ages.