Humanities G8 Unit 1 Food Presentation

During my time working on the project I faced many challenges but also many things that I did well. Through my action plan I learned that I was well organised and well prepared for the presentation. I first started off doing the simple tasks like creating a folder for noodletools and google drive.

During the research stage I came across some difficulties relating to how good and reliable are my sources and if I can even find sources. This is why I needed to be more open to different sources. Creating the slides was not too hard but the images were hard to get so I could have used less specific images. Memorising or practicing what to say for the presentation was the hardest part as I get very stressed presenting to other people. This is why next time I should take it more calm and focus more on speaking from knowledge.

Real World Application

We can apply how we learned to use google maps and google earth in one lesson so whenever we want to find a location or a destination when you are driving you can get there. Also, we can use maps not on technology using coordinates to track locations down making it much more efficient. Tracking down locations will be efficient because when you need to use a location anywhere in the world on a map you can find it. We learned to use Atlas’s so now we can look for cities, countries, continents, oceans all in the Atlas. This will be helpful because we can find a big range of places.