Logo Final Mock-Up

I made the colours contrast by using black and white. I arranged the parts inside the logo to be equal. I repeated the black triangles inside the circle and I made check of equal distances around the edge of the circle. It is a bit small but I wrote differently on the top of the triangle. The colours are used to represent me like the black and white is there to show how I like soccer/football. I also added lots of shapes like many triangles in the logo and one circle to show images. To show how the circle can show an image of soccer/football.

Design Investigating and Analyzing Vr

What I learned in the Investigating and Analysing part of the Design Cycle in Design was analysing was good to understand what the VR commercial had to offer.
This might be useful when i’m doing a project so i get a better idea about what i’m doing. This will help me cause I can figure out what could be improved on.