Digital Lantern Project

Respecting the Chinese culture and creating a lantern is important for the Chinese new year. It communicates tradition and values because it uses the Chinese language and animals that symbolise positive traits for certain people. Handmade products generally take more effort to create but can lower the environmental problems. When mastering creating handmade products it can look similar to products with machines. Using Chinese translations and animals help create a design that is specific to a person.

Chinese new year is a celebration that is special to many people and can represent a lot. My product included Chinese translations that meant calm and peaceful inside a and yang. This also relates to my dad because he likes to meditate and always tries to be calm. It is very personal to my dad and his relationship to the Chinese new year.

We used many different techniques to help create our product. One of them was soldering which includes using wires and flux to work the LED. Then, is painting which helps make the base look better and can mean something to someone. The final main way is creating a design through illustrator using an outline, images, and translations to create a nice looking product for the lantern.


Innovation Fair G7

In the innovation fair we had a week to create a project that helps to fix everyday problems. The 1st idea that we came up with is a bookstand that helps to pull your book to the bed but it was in a way already created so we had to go with a new idea. Then one of my group members came up with the idea to create an umbrella that filters rainwater. This is the idea we created our project based off of. We started off working on a paper trying to create our proposal. When we were writing it was a bit hard but then we were at a good pace. Starting off with prototype 1 we created a tube as a handle then created the top which then broke due to durability issues. When we were working on prototype 2 we fixed the issues and created a really good product. This was finally showcased in the exhibition where we had to talk about our project.

There are many strengths like being able to combine them to make sure there is less flaws in the product. It also helps to understand the other subject better and how it relates. Another strength is you learn more about how it is useful in real life and when it is a good time to use the subject. There are also some weaknesses when it comes to using more than 1 subject. You have to learn how to incorporate it inside your project and how it will be able to be used.

Prototype 1 to Prototype 2

Laser Cutting What I have learned so far


Laser cutting design is very fun but takes a lot of precision in every step. One mistake can ruin your whole project unless you fixed it. One of the more important things in creating designs to get laser printing is the design principles. This are very helpful to making your created project look more appealing compared to others. Typography and shape are some of them. These are helpful in showing text. Shape allows the design to look different overall with different positioning.

Colours are important when creating these projects. You have to choose the exact colour for the laser cutting to work. If you don’t then a not well made project will be the result. Learning all the features in illustrator is valuable as you will be able to use more tools. You can create more advanced projects based off of this. It also gives you an opportunity to create a better project. Out of all of these the most important things is to save your work. If you don’t save your work it will get deleted which means you lose progress towards completing it.

Getting images is a key part of making a good project. This can help explain what your project is about and what you are trying to say to the audience. Without images your project could be plain which is not as good. Another important tool is the layer tool. If you create many layers you will be able to work one step at a time without destroying everything. When you keep on learning new tools you can understand Illustrator better contributing to better and better projects. When created using all of these resources it will create a very nice looking project.








Strengths and Weaknesses of Ifolio


  • Many media/images to show what I do
  • My welcome page is decent showing what I am about
  • The information in my posts is above adequate making people understand what I really want to say
  • Choice of colours is nice
  • I used most design elements in my  great Ifolio


  •  tag cloud was only named “Subjects” which could be misleading because not all tags are subjects
  • The formatting with the posts can be improved
  • Site is a little empty and lacking content
  • Posts aren’t that memorable
  • There is no “Home” button to go back


Generally, my Ifolio is good but can be better. A huge part of my plan is to add more widgets or to add things from online to make it less boring and more engaging. Adding a home button will also be good to make it better for people visiting my site. I should really double check my post before I publish it so then I can fix formatting issues and small grammar mistakes. I should make my tag cloud easier to understand by making it a wider range. For example, instead of “Subjects”, I can make it to “Subjects and Topics”. Fixing these problems will help me as people will know what I clearly was doing in school.


Bear App Design

This bear app shows which are bears and which not. The app I am creating is not finished but almost done. It takes skills from previous apps and effort from previous apps. The process is simpler though. At first, we had to create a plan to know what we were doing on the actual app. Secondly, you create the app according to your plan.

Best Xcode App


I used a label first for the title which is trying to show what the app is about

I then used image view and in my storyboard got a picture of the world

I used a button to put on the image view which I placed inside the code. I gave it a nice and made the connection an action

Finally, I put a label in my code to show than when you press the button it will say “You have found Waldo” and I again named it. A name I gave it was labelAnswer.

VR video promo

Link to VR Movie:


In what ways did you create a successful VR video promo?

I created a successful VR video promo because I had my video represent effort which is what my logo was about. I showed different flags of countries to show globally everyone should give their best effort. The timing was good so I wasn’t there for too long closing the Ricoh Theta or starting the recording. Viewers said that it was too long because my video was 24 seconds when it was supposed to be 15. Then, I changed my video to around 15 seconds making it around the time you’re supposed to have your video last for.


What improvements would you make to you VR video promo?

My video could have been wider to show more than just flags. This will give viewers impressions that there is more to giving it all rather than showing flags. Also, my logo could have been placed better. I put it behind the main stairwell on the 10th floor. This just covered something that looked interesting relating to the video. But, because of my logo that small area looks a bit odd.


My brand logo


In my logo I have applied many different design principles. One of them is typography I used it to make effort stand out and give them an understanding to my logo. Another one is the phycology of shapes. I used triangles and circles to make my logo better. I used green, black and white so it contrasts to improve the logo. I used C.A.R.P by adding contrast colours I aligned some parts, the mountains were repeated and proximity to space one mountain from the other.

Logo Final Mock-Up

I made the colours contrast by using black and white. I arranged the parts inside the logo to be equal. I repeated the black triangles inside the circle and I made check of equal distances around the edge of the circle. It is a bit small but I wrote differently on the top of the triangle. The colours are used to represent me like the black and white is there to show how I like soccer/football. I also added lots of shapes like many triangles in the logo and one circle to show images. To show how the circle can show an image of soccer/football.

Design Investigating and Analyzing Vr

What I learned in the Investigating and Analysing part of the Design Cycle in Design was analysing was good to understand what the VR commercial had to offer.
This might be useful when i’m doing a project so i get a better idea about what i’m doing. This will help me cause I can figure out what could be improved on.