Chemistry Reflection

During this project we learned how to use certain techniques and skills to separate the components of the mixture. We first created a flow chart to give an idea of which components the separation techniques will separate.  We used  hand separation, skimming, filtration, magnetic separation and evaporation. Our mixture was made up of, iron filings, salt, water, plastic, oil and sand. Some components were easy to separate like plastic. But, some components were significantly harder to separate like sand and oil. We made use of prior knowledge and skills. One skill that we made use of was physical and chemical properties. This allowed us to know which and how to separate the components. The density of certain objects also allowed us to know what to do first and what to do last. There was some techniques in the project that was more sophisticated and more efficient. While, some techniques were simple and took a lot of time. This allowed us to get a better understanding of how to separate oil spills in the future. Oil spills are important to know how to separate as they are very damaging to people and the environment.

Image result for filtration diagram

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